Experience with Pandora line of jewelry

The store I am working for is thinking of adding the Pandora line of
jewelry. Anyone out there carry this line and what have your sales
been like ??? Also any comments pro or con??

Thanks for sharing orchid. Frank



I consult with many stores, this line has saved many jeweler this
year. It brings in awesome traffic. It’s a lot of work, typical sale
is $100+ but the profits and traffic are terrific. No downside. This
product brings in dollars (I know many jewelers who’ve done over
$100,000 a year in this one product alone and remember, $100 average

It also brings in PEOPLE, who you’d hope the staff would sell. It
also brings in NEW people.

They are innovative, always adding new styles.

If you read my posts about GMROI, a reading on store profitability,
typical store is 68 cents. Goal is $1.00 or more in GMROI. Typical
GMROI on the best category in a store is $1.25 to $2.00 for a single
category. I’ve seen $4.00 GMROI on Pandora.

For those who have lived behind a rock and haven’t heard of this
product, go here:

David Geller

Wolds most expensive Silver line, They are very Demanding, and they
don’t have a problem putting the line right next door to you. I have
a Friend that carries the line and you can turn around in 6
directions and walk 2 blocks and find their line in stores
EVERYWHERE! In my opinion, this is very wrong to have a line of
jewelry that everyone has that’s everywhere!!

Troll Beads are also very popular - but extremely expensive for what
they are. I don’t know how Pandora bracelets compare to Troll Beads
bracelets or who came along first.


The store I work for added Pandora in February. Sales have been
good, but it comes in spurts. Advertising combined with special
events has been the best combo.

People like the variety, so be prepared to commit some serious
display case frontage if you take on the line.

I hope this helps.

and they don't have a problem putting the line right next door to

Steve you must live in a big city to have so many pandora dealers


Not actually, I have a client in Mansfield, Ohio, and by NO means is
that a big city! LOL Just do a bit of checking of the availability of
Pandora’s line in your area and you will see what I mean.


Yes we carry the line and it is very very popular. sales have been

A small local boutique carries the line and the owner says it is by
far the best seller ever in her (lovely, chic) shop. Personally it
seems to me like the Webkinz of jewelry, but it is incredibly popular
here in CT.

Hope this helps.

This link does not go to pandora it goes to a reseller of pandora,
pandora’s main USA headquarters is in Cambridge Maryland. It’s a
Danish company that was recently bought out by another Danish
investment group who is now pumping huge dollars into marketing and
it is defineately working. Pandora still owns 40%, after this
selloff they have opened more Pandora only stores, andhave started
withthe Jared locations and are less interested in smaller store
accounts, they seem to be trying to build the pandora name into more
of a luxury “brand”.


Ohio is one of the biggest states in sales for both pandora and


Ohio is one of the biggest states in sales for both pandora and

And it’s EVERYWHERE, that’s my point!

It’s also in Beauty salons, craft stores, boutiques, and so on and
so on! Along with small jewelry stores, up scale jewelry stores,
large chain stores, etc. It’s like a cancer. And it’s still very
expensive for this type of line. They do market very well but their
sales ethics stink!

Actually Ohio is THE number one sales state, odd because it also has
the highest unemployment.

Pandora,Troll and chamilia are not everywhere, in many states here
in the west they are vertually unknown, maybe we are just “small


I agree thier sales ethics are terrible they way they inspect thier
own vendors like [] agents. And it is true that they are everywhere
now but that is changing very very rapidly alot of these stores were
given licenses before the buy out at the end of 2008, ask around and
you will see that Pandora is pulling licenses like crazy from these
types of stores, alot of them have already lost thier licenses and
are selling off the inventory, they are defineately changing the
integrity of the brand upward, by taking away from merle normans and
giving it to Jared’s. Ask around and you will find alot of very
nervous shops carrying pandora right now because they don’t want to
lose it, even stores that have been very good to pandora in terms of
sales and loyalty; Hence the crapy reputation with the trade?


My only experience with this line is what I have seen and read about
it. I am following this discussion, and chiming in here, as I am
interested in how promotion can create a trend or a fad… a “need”
that must be filled. These lines have been around for a while and
the fact that Pandora is currently ramping up the publicity is

Although the Pandora line (and similar lines) is mass produced and
available everywhere (it seems), it has also created an opportunity
for artists who create more one-of-a-kind items. Glass bead makers
are making some pretty unique beads, and lining them with silver
tubing, in sizes specifically for these bracelets. I have also seen
both cast silver and PMC beads made by artists for these chains.

If this link works, it goes to a thread on the Lampworker Etc. site
where “Pandora style” glass beads can be seen, my own included:

Great variety… definitely something for every taste. Many of these
artists sell on Etsy, eBay, etc… Some even offer the chains, charms,
and/or finished bracelets as well as the glass beads.

I have only seen the Pandora line in one high end jewelry shop at
the mall in Monterey, CA… but then I am not much of a shopper and
haven’t checked out the many jewelry shops in nearby Carmel. My
impression of the items displayed was that the bracelet looked
solid, the silver “charm” beads substantial but ordinary, and the
glass beads very uninteresting. Could have been just this one shops
choice for what sells best. I wonder how many shops that carry these
are offering beads and charms made by individual artists. I should
expect that some are.

Carol Holaday

This is the story as it was told to me…

Brothers owned Pandora. They had a falling out.

One brother left and started Troll beads.

Two different companies, different styles, different bracelets. Some
beads from Pandora work with Troll and vice versa. They are not 100%

I find Pandora a little mainstream. Troll has more interesting beads
and many have a “story”. I know tons of women who collect them. They
are very easy to buy for… just get them some beads!!!

I hear that Pandora has an enormous opening order. Can anyone

Amery Carriere Designs
Romantic Jewelry with an Edge

I hear that Pandora has an enormous opening order. Can anyone

Yes: $25k buy in and a 17 page contract that will not allow you to
carry troll or chamilia, you will also be subject to thier

Similar to the Chrysler and Chrysler Dealer’s?? Very odd and
striking comparison. Wouldn’t you say? Look at the reputation that
Chrysler has left with it’s dealers. If this idea about Pandora is
true, watch out! Word travels FAST!!!

I should have clarified myself in earlier post’s, that my experience
was strictly localized to the Ohio area and may not stand true for
other parts over their sales territories. I stand somewhat corrected
and I thank you.