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Experience with LaVaque Tweezers

Has anyone tried the LaVaque Head and Shank Tweezers? Just wondered
if they were worth buying ($50)


Lauren, here’s a link to the old fashioned version - note the econo
version below:

I will say that after soldering 678,237 settings on rings, I still
have no use for these things, but that, again, is just me. I just
pick up the setting with tweezers and adjust it in place on the fly.
These sorts of jigs require the setting to fit perfectly, which
often they do not or just isn’t necessary (unless you have the
tweezers), and you run the risk of clamping it crooked to begin
with. Most settings should NOT be so perfect for the the very reason
that a little play allows for perfect adjustment to straightness.
And they take a LOT of time compared to just soldering free hand.
But that’s just me. Old timers will make a similar jig by bending an
old pair of self-locking tweezers…

Interesting concept but I think the hose clamp makes it look
jerryrigged and unprofessional. I might try em anyway sometime.

It may be beneficial to some folks. I’ve done so many heads I’ve
learned to compensate for lack of visual access. I might liken it to
setting burs… in the beginning I would agonize over getting a level
seat, scrutinize and readjust, spend far too long doing it and
despite great effort the stone would be crooked as often as not.
These days I just do it without too much consideration, it becomes
’feel’. Same with the tweezers. Tip though… cut a small notch at
inside apex of the curved jaw, install your parts at 90 to what the
tool was designed for. Now you can see from both shoulder aspects
plus one full side. Also, if you put accurate flats on your mating
surfaces, the parts are more naturally aligned, as viewed from face
up, so a twisted orientation is eliminated. That is probably a
totally unclear description, sorry. Would take 10 seconds to show you
in person.

What would be a great improvement in H&S tweezers is to do away with
the slide spring thingy…inconsistent pressure adjustment and the
findings are prone to slippage when the metal heats up and changes
surface friction. Maybe even just a stop screw would do the trick.