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Experience with Jewel Jet Steamer

Does anyone have experience with Gessein’s #853-0068 Jewel Jet
Steamer? I need a small steamer for complimantry cleaning of
customer’s pieces while they wait.

Thank You
Steve klepinger

Hello Steve,

I bought the little Jewel Jet steamer. It works well, but beware of
overtightening the cap! I tightened the cap to stop steam escaping
and now I can’t get it off. Guess I’ll have to use vice-grips and
buy a new cap!

Judy in Kansas

Bought one a year or so ago to test out.It is really NOT meant to be
left on. It’s more like using an Iron…Plug it in wait 5-10 min. us
it… un-plug. It blows the gasket and other stuff goes bad quickly
with constant use. Hand operation is not good for brac,.necklaces
etc.Try looking at the Optima Jr. about $150.00 pressure gauge, low
water auto-off,and a foot peddle!!! Two months and so far so
good. Beware letting customers use it at your store— BURN HAZARD
—and that could get very expensive!

I’ve had two of them. The first konked out quickly. The results with
the second one were as disappointing as the first.

There is just not enough pressure or volume to clean deeply at all.
About all its good for is drying after you ultrasonic something. Even
at that water remains inside crowns etc. Plus its very awkward to
use, one hand controls the on/off and the nozzle is in a well which
restricts access.

Much better imho to spend the extra time with an ultrasonic which
gives you a few minutes to schmooze with the customer.

I had been contemplating the jewel jet pro but I don’t see pressure
specs anywhere. If it doesn’t get close to 60 lbs it’ll be about as
useful as the smaller one.