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I’m in the market for a bench pin and I notice that you dont seem to have to spend a lot of money but there are some different designs and I notice from a brief look around jewellers will customise their own! Not quite at that stage yet.

What is in your opinion best to start with? Mainly only doing jump rings at present but of course still learning

Is this any good a bench pin?

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First off, Welcome to Ganoksin! You have found the best place on the internet to ask questions, find the answers to questions that you haven’t even thought of yet and to learn new Techniques in making Jewellery and Metalwork!

Good question: You will be receiving a myriad of recommendations from some very talented Artist Jewellers, as well as veteran Bench Jewellers and beginning Jewellers too, so you will be in good hands!

Now the following recommendation is assuming that you have a Bench or Solid Work Table to work on, as it will need a minimum of 1-1/2", though 2" of Tabletop thickness would be better to attach the Mounting Plate.

Here are my thoughts and recommendations: Bench Pins are a somewhat personal Tool and every Jeweller has their favourite, though when you are just starting out, it’s a good idea to start off with something relatively basic, that almost every Jeweller’s Apprentice has learned on, like this:

GRS Bench Pin:

You will also have to purchase the GRS Mounting Plate to mount onto your Bench or Worktable to use the Bench Pin:

Here is my GRS Bench Pin, with the modifications that I find most useful: the Long Curved Cut is for Sawing, the Groove on the right side is for putting Rings, etc. in to keep them from moving while Filing, the Bottom Left Curved Corner Notch is for Holding your Ring Clamp Steady and the Small Notch at the Middle Bottom is for Wedging-in anything small (Earrings, Heads, Bezels) that you need to keep from moving around while you’re working on it. Also if you look closely at the Right Corner of where the Wood Bench Pin meets the Metal Mount, you will see a small mound of Bee’s Wax - I keep it there to Lubricate Saw Blades - I use Bur Life as well, but I’ve been using Bee’s Wax for (25+) years, so I still keep it on my Bench Pin:

The Mounting Plate mounted to my Bench:

If you don’t have a thick enough Bench or Work Table, there is also a GRS Bench Mounting Adapter:

I really like the GRS Bench Pin and Mounting Plate because of it’s versatility, if you don’t want/like the Slope of the Wood Bench Pin, you can Turn it Over and it’s Flat on the Bottom, the Mounting Plate can also be used with countless other GRS and other Company’s Bench-Mountable Tools, such as: GRS Bench Mate, Vises, Saw Plates, Soldering Pads, Extender Plates, Ball Vise Shelves, etc…

I also use and really like the Knew Concepts Bench Pin, though I really only use it for Precision Sawing and it’s a bit pricey for only using it for one Technique:

Anyway, those are a (25+) year Bench Jeweller’s recommendations, though I have used several other Bench Pins over the years, but these are the ones that I prefer and still use today.

As far as the Bench Pin that you Asked about, I have not used that one, but I have seen it on some very talented Artist Jeweller’s Benches and Work Tables, so clearly they use it, otherwise it wouldn’t be there! We Jewellers all tend to be hoarders of Tools and Equipment, but typically, only the Tools and Equipment that get used the most are the ones that will be seen openly sitting and attached to our Benches…

Good luck with your search, I know that you will be getting some really good recommendations!


You really only get to know what you want from a bench pin as you use it, I think. It’s one of those ‘get one and figure out what works and doesn’t and see if there are any better options later’ kinds of things. I use a GRS dovetail with a rather traditional benchpin in it. But I have customised it with my own slots for sawing and the like (just took a saw to it and a drill to open up some holes). It works for me. But these things are probably the most pesonalised bits on a bench.


Thanks so much Jonathan

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Thanks Neil


The bench pin that you show is made by Thomas Mann and comes from his book about sawing. It’s a great bench pin. The book is Metal Artist’s Workbench: Demystifying the Jeweler’s Saw, by Thomas Mann. (I’m not sure if the Amazon the link is working?)


I don’t know what to compare it to in life, but many folks get very into personalizing their bench pins. There is no one answer of what is best for everyone.

For me, I just have the GRS bench pin like Jonathan posted, with a simple V cut into the center. I file and shape the ends of the V as needed. I keep it simple and get a new wood bench pin insert, when I need one.

Something that I don’t think gets mentioned enough is that one of the main functions of a bench pin is that it’s a replaceable and expendable component, so you don’t ruin your jeweler’s bench by filing and sawing into it.

Knowing that, whatever bench pin that you choose won’t last forever and that it’s probably, it’s best to not spend a lot of money.

Hope that helps a little bit!!



My current collection of bench pins. There have been many more over the years, usually just a piece of wood cut to shape. I’m still looking for the right one…Rob

Google Photos



i also would recommend considering the grs mounting system as JBPons mentioned.

regarding the wood bench pin…a few comments…

i look at it as a way to brace and stabilize the work/ the ring clamp/ my hands while filing/ sanding/ sawing/ drilling/ using the flex…so i will file/ notch/ saw/ slit/ shape/ drill it as necessary to get a comfortable, stable, non-slip/sliding brace against which to work…to stabilize the piece i am working on…or the holding tool…or my hand…with the appropriate clearance to work around…ie: sometimes removing an area of the pin so that it doesnt get in the way…or sometimes that area just gets progressively filed away as the file runs over the wooden pin

some pins come with a large V cutout in the center…some do not…

the V cut can be handy for bracing ring clamps…the V design allowing it to accept various clamp/ tool sizes…

the V cut can also be used for sawing/ piercing…although i find a narrow slit is better when sawing/ piercing small items

because i use a GRS benchmate ring clamp system, i prefer my bench pins without the V cut…

i also have the GSR metal piercing pin, but before i got that i had made one out of a piece of hardwood (to maintain crisp edges on the slits, so that tiny pieces wouldn’t wobble)…things/ needs become apparent as i work, so i just modify and keep on working…

the GRS mounting system makes it fast and easy to change out pins and other pin-type things…

consider getting a few bench pin blanks (a few bucks each) (or use pieces of wood modified to fit in the mounting thing) and modifying and switching them out as needed…the crazy area i shaped for one use often comes in handy again later…or gets re-shaped…



I also use a GRS mount to hold the metal bench pin and homemade riser in the bottom middle to cut pancake dies. You will note that the GRS adapter attached to the back of the metal bench pin allows it to be held rigid at a 10 degree angle. This is the angle needed to cut 16 gauge steel plate with a 3/0 blade. Neil…This is an application of the theoretical that works, at least for me. I plotted it out first and used math that I haven’t used since high school…Rob


Hahahah thanks Rob and I thought that this question was going to be a straightforward answer!

The bench pin you link to in your post is one of my faves. I like to use it when I’m saw piercing. It has notches that help me keep my saw blade steady. I also have a very basic bench pin that I use for filing. One day I’ll invest in a GRS system, but for now these suit me just fine.


I have been using this new type of clamp that holds material and the clamp rotates 360 deg.
In my opinion it is a great tool.
Its called the Easy Saw.


oh wow that’s pretty snazzy!

Thank you BethAnne

Thank you for posting this, I’ve been curious about it, as it looks like a really clever idea for holding down small sheet metal for Precision Sawing! Question: do the Knobs or the Frame get in the way while you’re sawing or is it pretty simple to rotate them out of the way if they do? Lastly, do you think that it’s Worth the Price (I think it’s around $400.00)? Thank you once again!


I forgot to include this vise in my picture. It works great for piercing small objects…Rob


I would like to chime in a little. When I started and actually up until a few months ago I didn’t have a proper jewelers bench. What I did have was my dad’s old kitchen table that I modified. It was just a little round table where the side leaves go up and down. Anyway, the table was not at the proper height for good posture when sawing so I actually purchased this from Rio. It was great and it came with a peg that I altered using my saw and some files. Hopefully there is a link here. I actually still have it and would be more than happy to send it to you if you can pay for shipping. I don’t actually need it anymore and would love to help out.

You can email me at netcreativedesigns@gmail.com if you do want it. You may need to get a new wooden piece as I’m not locating it right at this moment but I will look a little harder if you do want it.

I have one like this one but and wood from durston tools I think