European Jewellery Education

I have moved to England and will be here for three years. I would
like to improve my skills and knowledge and get to know some
jewellery people in europe. I know of so many wonderful teachers in
the US at Penland, Arromont etc. I would like to know of similar
places here. If you know of any good teachers in europe I can
contact to see if they have any classes I would appreciate any help.
If you know of any jewellery related european sites or forums or have
suggestions for places I should see while in Europe please let me

Kelli Cornwell
Suffolk England


Try the following Mid Cornwall School of Jewellery. Great place
often have visting teachers from the US and Europe. In London there
is London Metropolitan University (Formerly Sir John Cass,). The City
Lit and also Central Saint Martins. Andalso Holts Academy in Hatton
Garden. All these places offer short courses from beginner to Master/
Practioner. I’ve attended all of them and can reconmend them.

Hope this helps.

Dear Kelli: Try our dear friend and customer Alison Flanders at
alisonflanders at She recently returned to
England herself after teaching and practicing in the US for many
years. She is a delight.

Sincerely, Diane
Dikra Gem Inc.

Hi Kelli

I took an awesome stone setting course from Peter Robinson at his
Costa Blanca, Spain workshop. He also teaches workshops at Walsh’s
in Bechenham, England. He’s a wonderful instructor, a very nice
person, very concientious.


Have a look at They are one of Hatton Gardens
largest gem dealers but run a jewellery acadamy which has short and
long courses with some serious instructors. H S Welsh Ltd also have
some short courses as well. You don’t say where you are located -
there may be closer ones. Many art schools have evening/weekend
classes as do some private studios.


Robin Key
Clavis Jewellery
Aberdeen, Scotland

Hi Kelli,

I moved to London from the US about 18 months ago and was also
looking for jewellery (note spelling) and metalsmithing classes like
you. Most of the problems I had with searching were solved by
learning that over here (1) jewelry is spelled jewellery (2) classes
are often called ‘short courses.’

Once I got past that I found several institutions that offer
well-respected short courses in practical skills (as well as design,
and jewellery business) Here’s a short list (in no particular order)
of the ones in London, easily accessible by train from Sussex:

*Holts Academy for professional skills development –

*University of the Arts London, especially the Central Saint Martins

*Sir John Cass Dept of Art Media and Design at London Metropolitan
University - short courses are available, but they offer the only
two-year vocational foundation (FDA) in silversmithing in the city.
I’m actually taking this course right now. Here’s the link to the
short courses.

  • One of the exhibitors at a silversmithing fair held last week was
    emphatically recommending the courses at West Dean College, which is
    West Sussex. I’m looking at the flyer now, which I must say is very
    tempting and it seems to have year-round classes lasting a day to a

I would keep an eye out for exhibitions, go to them, and chat up the
exhibitors (being very respectful of the fact they’re trying to do
business there.) Last week I went to the The Goldsmith Company’s
Fair, which is the ancient (est. in 1327) assay office’s yearly
jewellery and silversmithing exhibition, and talked to a few dozen
designer/makers, many of whom had been trained at the universities
above. The fair is over, but the Crafts Council’s show Origin is on
right now. I was there yesterday, and met quite a few great
metalsmith/jewellers, several of whom had been at Goldsmith’s. BTW,
when I approached them, I made sure they didn’t have customers, got
out of the way as soon as one appeared and kept the conversation
brief, polite and focused on them, ie. ‘Do you mind my asking where
youtrained and how you found it?’

For community, check out Cockpit Arts- they have open studios coming
up in late November. A LOT of the smiths I’ve met recently work from
there, and many of my peers do summer internships there. One of the
ways I find out about exhibitions is by looking at the exhibitions
these designer/makers are attending.

As for european forums, I haven’t found one yet, much less one I
like as much as ganoksin, so if you find one, let me know!

Hope this helps,
Erin Jones