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Erica Stice - Jewelry Gallery


Wow, Cameron! That’s gorgeous! Thank you for showing that to me. I love it!


If you’re not familiar with Casey Sheppard, she travels around the country teaching classes in her van (Jones Full of Grace), her adorable dog (India) and her mountain bike (SKidMaRK). This was her second trip out here to AZ and this time she taught us fold-forming on copper cuffs. She is fun and amazing and I loved this class.


This was a pendant & earring project that I made in school during my beginner’s class. The projects weren’t great but boy, school was so much fun! It makes all the difference when you have a fabulous teacher!


During the same class we also had to make a ring. Here was my attempt at the very first one. It wasn’t easy setting an odd shaped Tiger’s Eye, but lesson learned (start with easy shapes first!)


Triple Spinner Bangle
Featured in Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist - August 2017
I was very fortunate to have Lapidary Journal accept my two bangles for their August edition. I created them using pattern wire over the top of plain bangles. I had 16 solder points on the middle layer. The most soldering points I’ve had to date on one piece!


A few weeks ago we had Jeff Faulkerson visit and teach us how to drill through stones to create his signature stone-on-stone pendants. It was super fun and we used a multitude of stones in his class. What a great teacher and experience it was! Now to hang it…


Sorry for the misspelling of Jeff’s name: it is Fulkerson. You should check out his work!


This was a piece I made, using a very difficult stone to set. Since I’m not a lapidary expert I had no idea how fragile it was. I decided to texture some claws and have them “tearing” through the metal sheet. The stone is sunk through the bottom and protected by a copper frame and padded with leather. The feedback was: it’s too crazy and wild of a piece. Oh well, I’m just learning so you have to fail first before you succeed. :wink:


So who said it was too crazy a piece?
Id like you to tell us.
Why? because they need to given a hard talking to .
I really do like the fact you were prepared to try out something different based on your natural thinking.
I like it. It sends a strong message.
Re the thin wires acting as holding claws,to the stone. To take it just a bit further , the wire should have been rough? maybe and go all around the stone , like sewn on.
Good work.


I agree with Ted, this is a very interesting piece to me. I have to say I’ve never seen anyone do metal claws tearing through the metal. I’d be interested in seeing the back. And I love your flame patina!


Thanks, Ted. Wow, what a great idea! I’ve never sewn on a stone before. I am working on a piece now for our social media team and I am anxious to sew that on now. What did you mean by rough wire? Sorry, I’m new to this.


Thanks for the kind words. I’m getting a great flame effect by dipping copper in Liver of Sulphur and then hitting it with a torch. The colors come out amazing. I have never achieved a really dark patina before using it, so I basically use this technique alot. Here are a couple of quick pics of the back and the claws.


Rough, as in NOT smooth and shiny!! get it!
Also can you please answer my question, who was the so called expert? who critisized it?


It was not experts at all, simply feedbacks from friends. I think because it is so large and possibly masculine that it was just not anything they would ever wear. I admit it is rough looking but I was simply inspired by the claw pendants and this oddly shaped stone. It all came together from there. But, by no means was it experts making those critiques, just simply friends.


Thank you for your prompt reply.
From an old and decrepit s/smith,
be true to yourself,
Make what your heart tells you,
ensure its technically sound,
sign your work with a simple mark,
never take NO for an answer.
With best wishes


Nicely said, Ted!!


Thank you so much, Ted. Those are wonderful words of wisdom and very appreciated.


For what it’s worth, and I’m no expert, but I think it’s a fabulous piece! Such imagination. And those claws!!! Love it!
(So there!)
Denny Diamond



Amazing work everyone. I think its time for me to actually sit down and
come up with something of my own. Thinking pearl andtur quoise or something
in amethyst.


The claws tearing through the copper sheet look awesome! Anyway, even if it looks masculine, there’s nothing wrong with that. There are men and perhaps even women who prefer masculine fashion and jewellery, who may well be very happy to wear such a piece. The colours on the copper are amazing too.