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Fish Pendant
Featured in Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist - April 2017
My very first published piece. Someone asked me what I would do if I used the sterling silver tube in a piece. This is what I created. I love pictographs and adding the texturing on the copper while sitting at our new anvil with a 1lb hammer right after my first forging class was incredibly fun. Although I wish the colors from the torch would have shown more, I’m happy with the outcome.



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Rock Salt Casting
My first attempt at rock salt casting. I added a little CZ to the finished piece and textured the edges on the round blank.


Lidded Vessel (Drawer)
One school project we had in my intermediate classes last year in college was to create a lidded vessel. Previously to this class I had sketched out a box that I had really wanted to create but hadn’t found the time to do it yet, so I took advantage of the project to make a drawer that would one day fit into this box. This drawer was to hold items such as the bowls that you see above. It features two compartments for extra storage and you press a button in so that the top flips up. It’s rough, I know, but it was still my first vessel and I love it. One day “the box” will finally be made, too.


Swing-top Bracelet
As my “challenge” piece for March, I was tasked with creating a piece for a swing top bracelet, I soldered three blanks together, and used a new Impress Art wood stamp we had just received for the centerpiece, added a riveted GF heart with a tube bezel and CZ to finish it off. I was thinking of Mother’s Day for this one!

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Mother’s Day 2015
This was glued on charms with a sea glass background. I did attempt to drill the glass, thank goodness nothing cracked and was destroyed. This, so far, has been the only time I’ve drilled through a stone or glass of any kind.

Mother’s Day 2016.
I had just taken a Belle Brooke hollow ring class and was inspired by that. I wish I would have added more to the front, either a texture or soldered on accents. Oh well, my mom loved it and you learn as you go.


Groom and Bridal Party.
After about a year of fooling around in the studio, I really wanted to try creating a wedding jewelry set. I was going to set a clear CZ on the top to represent the bride and then set pink CZ’s for her bridesmaids… I’m not sure whatever happened to the project. In my sketchbook I have the pieces sketched out for the bridesmaids, the groom and his groomsmen all following a variety of the same similar themes.

Textured Peridot Earrings. Sent these off to my sister for her birthday, I believe.


Wire Wrapped Pendant.
Wow, it seemed okay on paper but in reality this piece twisted and moved like you wouldn’t believe. The wire on the outside kept slipping out of the wire wrappings that I made. It was a great learning piece and I’ve since only made one other wire wrapped set of earrings. I’m taking another wire wrapping class soon, hopefully this one will come out!

Copper and Brass Earrings.
Guess who had just learned how to fold form a leaf? I created these little earrings for a How-to Blog post one day. It was my first fold forming project and I definitely fell in love with the process!


Remarkable and beautifully crafted work.
You express such freedom in your designs.
Thank you so much for sharing this.


Thank you, Jim. I love your work and I truly appreciate the kind words!

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I love the “fossil like” image of the fish! Nicely done!


I saw it! Nice work!


Thank you!

Thank you, pft1045!

This is absolutely gorgeous…I would love to know how you did it?


Thanks, Carole. Which piece were you referring to? The copper & brass leaf earrings?

What is so interesting about this thread is how creative minds think alike. I created the original ring design (no diamonds) in 2015. We are making variations for a line and entered it into a design competition this year.