ER16 spindle accuracy

I am considering updrading my Taig with the ER16 spindle. I mostly
cut wax models, so things like rigidy are less of an issue to me. But
I’m wondering if the (assumed) improvement in run out with the new
spindle would make a noticeable improvement using.004" profilers?
…or if there are any other advantages. I know that the ER16 collets
can fit odd size tools due to their design, but in my case I use
mostly tools with 1/8" or 1/4" shanks. I think I read that the ER16
can go up to 18,000 RPM, so if I ever want to upgrand my motor, I
could boost the RPM.

Any other advantages I am missing?

Todd Welti
Living Color Opal and Intarsia

The ER series of collets will keep the tool concentric with the
spindle. If your already using a drawbar/collet style tool holder
(couldnt find the info on Taigs site), then I dont think youll see
much of an improvement considering the runout of the non ER spindle
is 0.0004" and the ER spindle is 0.0003". In addition, with small
machines, running the RPM’s up that high could introduce more
vibration to the machine since the drive motor sits off the side of
the head like that.

If your experiencing inaccuracies in your work, I would first check
the runout on the spindle with a tenths dial indicator. If that is
good, check the backlash and also see if there is any play in the
gibs/ways, they might need tightening/adjustment if the machine has
been used a bunch.

The only advantage of ER series of collets, like you mentioned, is
the ability to hold a variety of different diameter of tools, and
keeping things concentric.

Good Luck,


I upgraded my Taig to ER16 last year and have no regrets. The ER16
collet is far superior to the standard Taig collet. I also use very
small conical cutters and runout has definitely been reduced with
the ER16. I was also having trouble with my cutters breaking inside
the standard Taig collet. The ER16 collet fixed this problem also.

As far as increasing rpm on the standard issue Taig spindle, I
believe that it is only rated for 10,000 rpm. From what I understand
increasing rpm’s would require different bearings.

Ken Gastineau
Gastineau Studio