Entrance requirements for Tucson Gem show

I’ll be attending the Tucson Gem show next week on my own. The last
time I was with my business partner who presented his business card
and credentials, and we were able to get into every show. I am a
sculptor by trade, but I am working with precious gems and precious
metals to create a line of Faberge-like objects. Besides showing my
business card and a list of jewelry firms I have accounts with, can
anyone suggest a better way to gain entrance to all the shows? I’d
hate to get out there and be barred from many of the showrooms. I
really need to find gem sellers and cutters for my current project.
Any help woulld be sincerely appreciated.

Larry Heyda

Hi Larry,

I understand that it is advisable to bring a number of invoices from
firms you do business with, rather than just a list of them. That
way, they can see that you have a real business. Also, I believe you
will need your business license, and your Fed. ID tax number.

Most of all, bring lots of money. That place is just fantastic.
Caution, if you are buying gems, bring a powerful loupe. A friend got
some stones that looked great, but when she got them home found that
several had fractures.

Alma Rands

I just returned from Tucson and all that was ever required was my
business card, my resale license and in 2 cases, photo ID. In past
years AGTA required invoices from suppliers ($5,000 or more as I
recall) but that was not the case this time. I guess everyone is
happy to get a customer. Believe me, there were plenty of “wholesale
shoppers” whose business was “Jake’s Plumbing Supply” or “Bubba’s
Towing”. You shouldn’t have a problem.

Have fun.

Hi Beverly,

Thanks for your email. Turns out I didn’t go this year. I’ve found
the gem cutters I need online, so I saved myself a lot of expense and

Glad to hear you liked the show!