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Email issue -- Posting error


So, hello……
I have replied to your e-mail sending me a notice that you have not “seen” me lately….and have received this in return. Please, would you explain?
Thank you!
Ruth Wright


Hi Ruth - that is automated system message because you have not logged in for a long time.


What’s going on with that? I like scrolling through all of the threads for that day in my inbox, and when I log on, I end up on a page where I can’t figure out what’s going on, so I give up because I just don’t have time for that.


Hi - Actually we discovered yesterday we are having an issue with the Daily Digest right now. We upgraded the system to the latest version and for some reason they discontinued the Daily Digest functionality.

@leah-ganoksin-admin is working on a solution to restore it and we should have something figured out ASAP.


Please see additional information here; Orchid Daily Digest Issues

We expect to have this resolved quickly and Daily Digest restored shortly. @ruthsart004 I was mistaken in my earlier reply. You got that “we have not seen you lately” because of a bug in the system that removed Daily Digest and replaced it with that email. We are working to resolve that and restore the Daily Digest.