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Orchid Daily Digest Issues

Orchid - a few days ago, we were made aware of an issue with the Daily Digest. The forum software was upgraded, and in the latest version unbeknownst to us, they discontinued the Daily Digest email feature.

We are working diligently to restore this functionality, and will be writing some software to do so this week.

Thanks in advance for your patience as we resolve this issue.


Thank you Seth! Was just about to report it.

It is a good excuse to re-write Daily Digest from the ground up anyway and make it better… :slight_smile:

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Just an update… we are re-writing our own plugin for this today and will re-launch an improved daily digest likely early next week!

Thanks for the update! Why on earth would they discontinue such a core feature… my guess, too lazy to update it along with the other updates.

Thanks for working so hard to fix this. For some of us I’m sure, it’s one of the best features to keep updated with the group. Thanks again for all your hard work.


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It is my pleasure! Thank you!

Terry Wilson,
"Thanks for the update! Why on earth would they discontinue such a core feature… my guess, too lazy to update it along with the other updates."
Perhaps it is a huge task that takes a lot of time, and time is money.
And probably, some criticism rather than gratitude…

Richard, I wasn’t criticizing Seth and crew. I’m very grateful for Seth and the Orchid community. I was lashing out at the software they use, for discontinuing the list feature. As I understand it, now it is up to Seth’s team to create something to bring us the digest format back.

No big deal guys. Discourse is a open-source forum software. Based upon feedback from their user community (which continues to grow quickly) about what is used and what is not used, they make decisions about what will continue to be included in the core feature set. In this case the daily email summary functionality didn’t make the cut.

Our forum is very unique, in that we are VERY heavy email users… much more so than most. This is a function of the history of Orchid (it had always been administered exclusively over email until I got it) and also a function of our users many of whom prefer the email format.

A few heavy users like us were up in arms about it, and the the good news is, because the software is open source, we can write a “plugin” to do anything we want assuming we have the time, expertise, and money to do so.

It’s already done we finished it last week ;-). I think it may actually be live now (@leah-ganoksin-admin can jump in and say, as she is the brains behind that operation)

I would say it’s a medium task. It probably cost us around $1,200 USD to add back the functionality. Not expensive in the scheme of custom software, but quite expensive in the context of Orchid.

Hi everyone. The daily email should start coming again tomorrow June 20. I believe the emails go out at around 8am Eastern Time. Let us know if you do or don’t receive it. Thanks!

Thank you, Leah. I was so happy to see the Ganoksin email today. It made all right with the world. Good job! Darlene

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