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Ellen Barkin Auctions Off The Family Jewels


For those of you too busy working to know, Ellen Barkin, is divorced
from Ronald O Perelman, the multi-billionaire owner of Revlon and
Technicolor. He has a known penchant for expensive baubles and
reportedly uses them to counter his lack of character. She’s
enlisted Christie’s to auction off more than 100 items and if you
find the time, take a stroll through the display before Oct. 10th as
after that, they’ll be gone, back into private collections and again,
out of sight.

www.christie’, Search Ellen Barkin.


Oh this is fun. I especially liked the Star Trek stuff that is up
for auction. They have Beyjorean jewelry, phasers, even Picard’s
chair. I used to own a real Star Trek Tribble, but my mother threw it
out, calling it furry and disgusting. Oh well.