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Easily Distracted by Shiny Objects - Alec Kercsó


Something to give back. This medallion is a donation to the Española Valley Humane Society for their upcoming September fundraiser. Oxidized sterling silver overlay (positive for once), with 14K pink gold heart, their logo.

Española Humane


In a separate topic here on Ganoksin, I showed you my box ring tool, an online application that facilitates creating templates for box rings. Coming up, I’m going to share a couple of rings that I created with this tool.

Witch Ring

This one has…

A Secret Compartment

The template for this was actually very straightforward. I added the compartment door to the template after saving off the original template.


Big enough to hold a couple of eyes of newt and maybe a toe of frog, but no way a tongue of dog is fitting in there.


Tuck a little wool of bat in there to keep things from rattling around. ;^)