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Dissolving super glue

Well…hold on to your hats, and don’t be nauseated, but I have
discovered a way to dissolve super glue.

It all happened when I had lingering super glue on my cracked
fingers. The kid in me just couldn’t keep my fingers out of my mouth,
and before long the super glue was breaking up! SO…I have tried,
and demoed to a student, how saliva applied to the back of an opal,
which had super glue holding a nail on it for shaping and polishing
and too delicate for heat removal of the nail, helped remove the
nail. Sure enough it didn’t take a but a few minutes for the saliva
to cause the super glue to release the nail. Since then that is how I
get the super glue off the new cabs. What known properties are there
in Saliva? If starts the digestive process…so…

Try digesting that suggestion!
Rose Marie Christison

I guess you could just use nail polish remover instead!


Rose Marie- Awesome research and discovery. Let me be the first to
say congratulations and ewwwwww! Now I’m gonna go try it.

Have fun and make lots of jewelry
Jo Haemer