Display cases for art shows

I am looking for display cases for art shows - maybe used if anyone has them or a company you might suggest. Looking for easy to assemble.

Think about easy of transport and setup. When I was doing shows, I would always say that I was glad that i didn’t do pottery or framed art work, especially outside shows. My brother does a lot of shows and has a good setup. He might offer some ideas. There was also a similar discussion not too long ago. You might search the archives…Rob

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Take a look at this thread from last fall…Rob

I used Dynamic Display cases. They aren’t very sturdy sitting on outdoor spaces. The “X” base is difficult to store and work from. I first replaced the bases with desks from Propanel. The two shelf version is sturdy and has good under counter storage and work space. Eventually, I got tired of the fragile Dynamic display cases and got portable cases from Arizona Case. I had them make some that are 16" deep rather than the old standard 24" ones. My modification is now available as a standard case. I like them because they are sturdy, lock securely ( so you can run to the bathroom if alone) and too heavy for someone to pick up. The dynamic Display cases use plexi walls that can be easily moved if someone is pilfering.
As an over the top upgrade, I got propanel walls to line the tent. It completely changed the appearance of the booth. An added benefit is that you can easily hang big pictures of your work with velcro attachment to the walls. Downside - it’s one more thing to buy and carry.
for a tent, I used a Showoff - it’s designed for one person set up. Judy H


Hi! I have a set of Dynamic Display cases and the 9 pro panels that make up a 10x10 booth. They worked pretty well for me, definitely better than the used Abstracta that I’d had before. I set up and broke down my booth by myself and only needed a small dolly to schlep everything back to the minivan. Anyway, I stopped doing shows a few years back and my setup has been sitting in two big traveling cases in my basement. I imagine that, if I’d continued to do shows, I probably would’ve upgraded the display cases, but they looked fine and I definitely got my use from them. If you would be interested in a used booth setup, please feel free to contact me.

Can you send a photo or two? Any photos of them set up at a show?

Thanks for replying, I appreciate the motivation to get it all set up again. It’ll take a few days to clear out enough space in the basement…which is why it’s been sitting down there so long! I’ll let you know when I’ve got it up.


Interested in price…

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What are you asking and can you ship?
Nice set-up.
Did you just stop doing art shows? I have never done one so any advice is welcome.

I’d be interested too in sizes and price!

I have 3 custom made hardwood petal stands,(1square cube,2 rectangles, different heights) with lucite tops that go recessed into tops for closure that I am interested in selling. They also have light fixtures inside so that translucent glas
/plastic display can light objects inside for more display characteristics. They are brand new/never used & are ready to stain color, paint whatever. Am retired from shows/jewelry business due to health issue. Let me know & I can send measurements/photos, etc. Douglas

I have made my displays over several times. A variety of reasons I suppose but mainly to make them easier to transport, load in, and out.

But there is a more subtle factor regarding displays that I have found. The display has to match the show as much as the product I am selling. I am there to sell jewelry not win awards. (that said I win a few here and there) It is always a heavily juried craft/art fair that I am attending. I don’t want my set up to look like I rolled it out of my retail establishment in the mall and was brought 90 miles across NY state to Norwich, NY… I want the jewelry to do the talking and not have the set up being a distraction. I might think a little differently if I were The St. James Curt Show in Louisville or The Smithsonian in DC. Those shows are at a slightly higher level.

Another thing about my set is accessibility. You can walk up to my display and take down a pendant and try it on. I can pull out a tray of bracelets that are all the same size, put it on the top of the case for the customer to try on, one after the other until they find one they like. I can only do this a certain shows.

My displays break down to fit in the back of a KIA Sorento along with two bags of clothes and a guitar. My entire inventory for a weekend show is carried in a 9 1/2" x 16" x 20" salesman’s lift. Except for one wooden and glass case ( 6" h x18" w x 32" l) that is open in the back all of my displays will fold up or slip inside each other. And they all fit into a basic 10’ x 10’ EZ-Up from BJ’s.

The set up is always a part of the judging for awards. A few years ago I won first place for jewelry at a show. That same year a jewelry crafter won best booth. I suppose it was the best booth but booths are not jewelry. And two other crafters won Second and Third with booths of a similar style to mine.

Maybe my long winded point is the set ups and the art/craft shows need to be thought of as two parts to a puzzle. They need to compliment not only each other but also the art work you are selling.

Hope I didn’t step on toes

Don Meixner


LeannF71441 - Are you still looking for jewelry displays? I have a few tabletop acrylic jewelry displays with locks. Used 1 time for 1 show. Let me know if you’re interested and I can supply some photos.

Do you have a price you would like for this?

Sorry I am so late in responding. I am figuring about $1500. Have I posted pictures?

I haven’t seen any photos. Could you post them, please?

Sorry, I didn’t see any pics

The whole thing is like tinker toys, put together whatever way you choose. The decision point, IMO, is whether you need to be “compact & time consuming” or “fast & drive a bigger vehicle”.
So, tent, abstracta metal pieces, plexiglass, glass, case for glass & plexi, black plastic base covers (one side shiny, the other side mat in case you want to paint it), rug (weird material waterproof thing where water just rolls of when you hold it up), rubber floor tiles, and weight bags for 40 lb sand each. The metal shows some scratching but no one seems to have noticed but me. The tent has screens and full sides. Only used the tent 4 times. I blocked out one part of the picture because it contained a case I wish to keep which was on a table. It is the center case on the last picture. I showed the closeup so you could see how the glass & plexiglass is attached.

Won’t ship, too expensive. Live in Philly.

Esta Jo