Digital to slides conversion

Does anyone know if it’s possible to take digital images and have
them converted to slides? And does anyone know of any company that
does that? Some of my work scans better than photographs and when I
submitted my big butterfly to a competition last year, I had a
horrible time photographing it, but it scanned beautifully (couldn’t
get a good light balance-either washed out silver to get flash from
spectrolite/opal or lost the flash in favor of the the silver.)

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Jeanne Rhodes Moen
Kristiansand, Norway

Hi Jeanne,

yes this can be done - I’ve had some made in the past. I guess
mainly you need a photo developer who is also digitally equipped.
check your local yellow pages for a a good quality camera/photo shop

  • maybe someone who also does custom developing - just in terms of a
    way to narrow the field. Michelle

creating what you want in platinum, gold and silver

Try photo finishing places - the good ones, not the cheap drugstore
type ones. There is a good one in the nearest large town to me, and
they take my CD’s and turn the photos into slides. I have been very
pleased, and gotten into shows with them. They are not cheap, but
not incredibly expensive either.

Beth in SC

Hi Jeanne,

        Does anyone know if it's possible to take digital images
and have them converted to slides? And does anyone know of any
company that does that? 

Yes Jeanne it’s possible, and yes I’ve used a company in the US
called " " an online site/company where you can order
slides from digital images…

It’s a great option when you really need a slide and only have a
digital image of the item, taken with either a digital camera or a
scanner. Though I believe that a digital camera might produce a
better image than a scanner, both are in digital so both should

I sent 6 images taken as tiff. files which turned into 9 MG files,
taken with a friends Nikon Cool Pix 995 - 3.5 mega-pixel camera.
(Digital images when saved in tiff. are a good deal larger files
than jpeg format files.) will also take jpeg. files and on
their website they have outline several options for sending images
to them, and a couple of methods to upload the images to them…

Uploading my images was pretty easy with a bit of telephone guidance
from the people at who are very friendly and helpful! My
digital images reproduced to slides very well and I have applied to
several shows with them, with good result. I figure that my recently
purchased 8 Mega-Pixel Nikon Coolpix 8700 digital camera will
produce even better results.
Customer Service & Mailing Address (formerly Elegant Graphics)
641 Basswood Avenue
Verona, WI 53593
Phone 1-608-848-5721 1-800-311-9543 (US only)

This issue was also recently discussed in this forum in November
2003 and a search in the “Orchid Archives” in 2003 or in the November
Archives List for the thread “Digital images and slides” will give
you several companies recommended in the posts!

There are also many more companies that can convert digital images
to slides, and vice versa, a “Google” search with “digital images
converted into slides” will reveal loads. Here are a few others:

Maybe you will even find one in Norway.

Best Of Luck!
Sharon Scalise
Ornamental Creations
@Ornamental_Creations seems to be one of the prefered for jury slides. Larry
Berman, a photographer, wrote up some instructions to help get the
best results. See:

Paul Ewing

The full-service photo shop I use just gave me a great tip to save
money. If you insert your digital photos into a Powerpoint
presentation (set custom page size to “slides” rather than “screen”),
the cost is a small setup ($5) and then $1 per slide. If you send
them just .jpg’s it’s $5 per slide. And then you just email them the
Powerpoint file (if you have high speed connection). I use in Tucson.

It’s also super easy in Powerpoint to add borders, type, or inset
photos – I used this for magazine ads and even just printed out a
24x36 poster at in New York for only $45 mounted
on foamcore!


Yes it is certainly possible. There are requirements though for
pixel density. So cheap digital cameras with low resolution will
not work. Also you need to clean up the pixels before sending it
off. The camera I currently use have a few bad pixels that I have to
go in and fix otherwise it shows up as a big white spot on the image
when its printed.

The place in Phoenix (USA) that will do this called Photo Concepts

Photo Concepts
3001 E Thomas Rd
PHOENIX,  AZ 85016 - 8013
(602) 957-8055

You FTP the files to them and they convert them to slides. As I
recall they were pretty reasonable and it certainly worked well for
me. I have no idea if they will ship the slides to Norway but I
would imagine there are other places that do the same thing.

Hope this helps,