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Diamond jewelry and television advertising

Has anyone else taken notice of diamond advertisements on television
here the U.S.A. ? Now that the holiday season is upon us i am
noticing that the TV ads for diamonds always seem to show what
appears to be D, VVS, hearts and arrows diamonds in the 15-30 second
advertising spots. About a year ago I decided to go to some of these
stores and see for myself what the diamonds really look like. I went
to 3 major stores and the diamonds in the special price sale jewelry
did not look like what is being shown on TV, in fact all the diamonds
I saw in sale jewelry were no where near the quality one would expect
based on the pictures being used. Most if not all the diamonds in the
showcases were junk I-1 to I-3 either top light brown, grey, or K-M
color under lighting designed to make you squint so cannot actually
see what you are looking at. Is this false advertising or just bad
taste on the part of the retailer ? further more some diamond
retailers are leading people to believe that anything above F color
is colorless and G-H color is near colorless. please take a look for
your self and respond -goo