Dakota Bulldog or Potter USA 20ton Press

Hello :slight_smile:

I am thinking of getting a hydraulic press and just wanted to see if
anyone out there had either of the above presses, and what they
thought of them? I watched the Potter USA videos on -YouTube and
thought it looked great- plus the guy making them seemed pretty
knowledgeable - and looked to be having a lot of fun!

I know a bonny doon would be fine, but I’d rather save a couple of
bucks if I can (Then I can buy a kiln too :wink:

Thanks for any

Hi Lucy

I got my PotterUSA Hydraulic Press before Christmas…a gift to
myself. I love it. It is just the right size for bolting to the
table. Easy to use. I would highly recommend it. I have had great
correspondence with Kevin…he is the guy next door - so to speak!

I teach metalsmithing and my students are loving it.

Don’t think you could go wrong!

Rose Marie Christison
Denver, CO