Cutting solder sheet

After a lot of experimentation on how to cut sheet solder, I finally
settled on a pair of inexpensive pruning shears ($7.00 from my local
home improvement store). I cut the sheet into strips about 8 mm wide
and then make a series of 12 mm cuts about 1.5 to 2 mm apart,
parallel to the length of the strip, creating a sort of fringe.
Then I hold the strip over a plastic pan about 8" x10" x 2" deep. I
snip across the “fringe” and the pallions drop into the box. Then I
can transfer them to a storage box or onto my soldering surface as

These shears were suggested to me by Betty Helen Longhi and they
make great snips for all sorts of thin metal sheet – say 22 Ga. and
under. They’re comfortable to use and have a handy self-lock which
secures the blades in the closed position between usage. I
especially like them because they don’t seem to displace or deform
the fringe as I’m cutting it and give me nice, square, clean

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Susannah Ravenswing
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The easiest way I have found to cut solder or sheet is with an old
fashion paper cutter like we had in school the knife kind they come
in all sizes and I’m sure youi can buy new ones but I don’t think
they are as heavy duty as the old ones I got mine on ebay it is 8
inches and I paid $12.00 for it. I think the 24 inch ones would be a
little over kill but you could cut thicker sheet.

Dick Bayer