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Controlling tippy jars

Was: Re: [Orchid] Cutting Solder Sheet

Incidentally, I just remembered a tip from my days as a calligrapher
(jars of ink). If you worry about spilling, glue the container to a
piece of cardboard that is larger than the jar. Much tougher to tip
it over.

Most of my metal/jewelry work is for findings for leather. The way
I keep my dye containers under control is a scrap of 2" X 3"
aluminum box beam. I drilled several holes in one of the wide
faces of it with a hole-saw just larger than diameter of my dye
pots. When I’m doing detail work on a piece I don’t have the worry
of bumping a bottle and splashing or flooding my work table, unless
I am in world class klutz mode.

Ron Charlotte – Gainesville, FL
@Ron_Charlotte1 OR