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Cuff bracelets size standards


I want to do a cuff bracelet. Any standards I can follow in terms of
size especially in the opening in the back and the inside

My wrists are somewhat large so I can’t really make them to fit me,
and I wholesale so I kinda have to please the masses.

Thanks all!



The standard cuff bracelet is typically 6 to 6.5 inches long with a
1 inch gap. This size will fit most women but tends to be on the
small size for men with average bone size. It also helps to make the
radius of the cuff tighter towards the ends where the cuff curves
around the sides of the wrist as the wrist is narrower at this point.
Hope that helps.

George… Vancouver Island


7 1/2 fits most people with the opening at least 1 inch but that’s
up to the design. If doing custom jobs you should get a bracelet
gauge for under 7 dollars US or make one : they go from kids sizes at
about 2 1/2" for infants up 1/4" to about 10 inches - most suppliers
sell them though plastic. rer



On a normal bracelet the size is standard 7 inches for ladies. That
is the length complete. When you want a cuff bracelet with a space
just deduct that space opening from the 7 inch standard. Large
ladies is 8 inch. I would leave an inch opening. When the bracelet is
put on, the open end is usually put between the two tendons running
down the forearm and wrapped around. By the way, these are adjustable
due to the opening anyway. Another way to measure your customer is to
take a measure cloth tape and go around the wrist and check the
length. OR you can measure the width of the wrist with a caliper as
well as the thickness x2 on each and come up with a size that way.

Many different ways to do it…I like the cloth tape…but remember
the standard is 7, large 8 inches. Anything varies from that they are
usually custom.

The Jewelry CAD Institute.

Another way to measure your customer is to take a measure cloth
tape and go around the wrist and check the length. OR you can
measure the width of the wrist with a caliper as well as the
thickness x2 on each and come up with a size that way. 

Measuring my customer is not an option as I wholesale to stores so I
need to have an average or standard size to send.

I wouldn’t mind having two sizes, if that’s what’s done with cuffs.
For my bangles I have three sizes.

This will also help me not have returns from the bracelets breaking
due to opening and closing the cuff to get it on a wrist.


I love cuff bracelets. And I enjoy making them. I try to sell them
to my physically near customers. And I try to sell them through my
site on the net, with increasing doubts as to a pleasing fit. The
problem is not just the circumference. More important is the shape
of the wrist, whether male or female.

I haven’t yet explored the percental of persons that have a round
wrist as opposed to an oval wrist but I have seen that a traditional
cuff bracelet will never fit a round wrist. Other than the length we
need to ask the shape. And that is not easy when selling through the
net. I agree that a 1 inch opening is adguate.



Once again, I am looking for an average. this will be a cast and
molded piece for my wholesale line.

I will NOT have individual customers to measure.

Thank you all for your responses.

Amery Carriere Designs


Hello Ladies,

Richard Hart (fellow Orchidian) had a great idea- a poll to
determine average wrist size!

So if you have a minute and the means to measure your wrist would
you mind measuring and telling me what size category you fit in?

5 (5.25 and lower)
5.5 (5.25 to 5.75),
6 ( 5.75 to 6.25)
6.5 (6.25 to, 7.25)
7 (6.25 to 7.75).

you may reply to me directly via email if you like. I don’t think
everyone will be interested in our responses! :slight_smile: But I will post the
end results so everyone can benefit.

Amery Carriere Designs


I think you’ll find average female wrist sizes would fall in
category 6.5 but within that range you have a full inch encompassed.
An inch is a lot, a whole lot, too much to lump together in one
category, imho. Overall average size is 7 - 7 1/4. I’ll say from
experience that even that 1/4 inch sometimes means fit or no fit
(sale or no sale).

More meaningful would be measurements of width and thickness of
wrist for cuffs. Not only do you need a good fit once on, but you
need to allow sufficient gap to slip over narrower dimension of
wrist, which should account for the springiness of the particular
cuff and the shape of the gap ends.

If someone is in the cuff business, it might be good to make some
cheap size samples.


Hello Amery; I saw your work in the ACRE show ad in JCK, and was
wondering how thw show was this year? I went the last two years and
attendance was horrible. I really want a good quality show in the
west but I think when people get to LV they want to run around and
gamble more than work and I wonder if its a diffidult place to show
because of that?

Thanks…G. B.


I have been dealing with the cuff bracelet fitting issue for many
years and have come up with a resonable solution. You need to design
with sizing in mind. Bracelets need to be sized just like rings do.
Plus wrists can be very inconsistent in their width to thickness
ratio. I start with a 6.5 inch blank and plan for a 1.25 to 1.5 inch
opening. This will fit all but the largest people. From there I size
them down to fit by removing a little at a time and reshaping. The
idea is that you can make it smaller but it is very difficult to
make it larger.

John Wade
Wade Designs


John, how would that work on a wholesale level? Is there an easy way
to describe to a store how to size a wrist?