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Comfort pendant

Michigan copper in matrix heart cut by artist, set in sterling silver bezel cup and laser soldered inside man’s wedding ring for a widow.


This is very special Me1/BL. Something to cherish and appreciate. Done with finesse and respect. Thanks for sharing it.

Eileen Snowgoose

Very touching. It reminds us of that deeper level of meaning jewelry can hold. Thank you for posting this.


And, P.S. very nicely done.


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Great idea, lovely execution.


Well done, simple and engaging, Quite a beautiful piece…

Betsy, About 15 years ago I made a silver twist cuff with two gold ropes for a friend to give his wife for their fifteenth anniversary. Just before their twenty fifth she passed away from lung cancer. She never smoked. My friend Jim wanted to wear her bracelet if it was possible. This was my adaptation that allowed him to wear the bracelet. Done in such away that at some point his daughter could restore the original if she chose.

I like your solution to the same problem.Very nice work.

Don Meixner

Two days before Valentine’s this year, we lost a precious pet far too soon. This tiny cat, only four lbs., left a huge kitty-shaped hole in our hearts. So, this is my own take on a comfort pendant…



Hi Alec,
Sorry for your loss, this is a very “heart” felt way of commenting your feelings. I really like the design balance…

Thank you Jim. Sometimes the well of inspiration holds bitter water.


Hi Alec.
I get it, and thanks for the quote.
I had to put my Beagle “Spot” to rest Tuesday. There is a pretty big hole right at the moment.


Hey Jim,
My condolences on the loss of Spot. My beagle mix, Lady Bug, has nursed me through two big surgeries right at my side in the bed and gives me a howl every evening when I come in the door. Last night she and her consort, the black hound Scooter, broke through the gate to the upstairs and ended up in my bed until my wife got up early and then Scooter barked to go downstairs…two hours before my wake up time…but ya gotta love 'em. I hope you can hold your positive memories of Spot close always. Once you have Beagle fever, I understand it never goes away, so…

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I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of your furry friends Alec and Jim. It’s a painful loss. I tend to feel much closer to my pets than to people. No one listens to you like a dog will and while cats can be somewhat aloof, ours seem to know who needs comfort and when. Just to make sure you know you’re loved.

We adopted one of our golden retrievers, we flew down from WI to Tennessee to get him and drove back. He had been shot and hit by a car, was skinny and half shaved from surgery. The vet didn’t expect him to live long. It was my wife who wanted him, I was less enthusiastic about flying to get what I called a ‘broken dog.’.

That dog turned out to be the greatest dog the world has ever seen. He could read my mind. He was wise and wonderful and lived for years and years. Mostly thanks to my wife again and her willingness to pay for acupuncture, chiropractic and water exercise treatments. He was like one of our kids. In fact the kids were pretty sure we loved the dog more.

In an x-ray after we brought him home our vet found more buck shot in his hind quarters. I made him a dog tag with his name engraved and bezel set one of the extracted pellets on the tag. He seemed to wear it with pride.

Jim, Mark, thank you both. And Jim, my condolences as well.

@Me1, Betsy, sorry we’ve unintentionally hijacked your original topic.


Hi Mark,
Thanks for the kind words and a great story.
It seems that when we take responsibility for another life, we get the whole package, lot’s of joy and the potential of sadness.
Thanks again,

Hi, Jim,

I’m sorry about little Spot. I can see from your photo how much you love him. He was lucky to have had you.



Thank you…
He was a great pooch… and missed.
He even has a website…

Dear Alec,

i’m sorry your wonderful kitty is gone. Hubby and I do cat-rescue work, thus our lives are filled with both joy and sadness. One in particular, a three-legger named Tom who could open doors with his one front foot, is still very much missed. With his passing, I began making impressions of little paws to turn into silver mementos. It helps a bit.

I love your heart pendant. A lovely and loving memento.



So sorry for your loss. In my family dogs are part of the family. I was reminded of a dear dog that passed on. I had the windshield replaced I noticed the tech replace Gunner’s collar which has hung from my rear view mirror since his passing.

Gunner was a huge chocolate lab that was bred for hunting but proved to be gun shy. He was my companion for many years. He loved to go for rides in my truck. I some times think I can see him in my drivers side mirror. Jowls flapping in the wind.


Hi Jim,

My deepest condolences to your family. I know exactly what you’re feeling.


Rick & Jeff,
Thanks so much.
I appreciate your thoughts.