Cobb's precise white gold?

greetings all - new to the list here if this is a tired subject my
apologies. is anyone out there using and having success w/cobb
findings precise white gold casting grain? i have a wholesale
customer who insists on this product and i’m losing time and $$ ive
been to the web site didn’t see any thingthat answered my ???'s so
if they are correct i am severly mishandling/treating thier
product. thanks hope to hear from you - goo

Dear Gustavo, I have seen the literature on Cobb precise white gold
but have not tried to cast this alloy. They do indicate special care
in casting. Also, special solders are available for this alloy. I am
glad to know the alloy is available in findings such as solitaire
mountings and such. In a custom job, those findings do not help much.
I suggest you give Cobb a direct phone call and present the problems
you are having. I have found this old line company to be quite
willing in techinical assistance. Sure, they have in my opinion been
a bit slow in losing the "minimum purchase for reduced price"
reputation but this has been gone a while and Cobb simply has not let
the buyers know that!

Hoover and Strong has a white gold alloy which apparently also meets
the Euro standards on nickel. This company will also provide
techinical assistance as needed. Both Cobb and H&S are very reputable
and should provide any legitimate user with proper technical

If we get the reason and opportunity to use the Cobb "precise white"
alloy, I will post with our results.


thank you- ive done what you suggested ie go to the source first but
all i got was refferal to the web site i suppose a more insistant
phone call is in order if you do try the precise white be advised it
melts like when you weld cast iron pipe w/ a gas torch ( i know how
to weld cast iron) and try a 900 - 1000 flask temp which has been my
most successful scenario to date except the stuff freezes up pretty
fast when poured havnt tried the centrifuge yet - goo

If the precise white is grain refined like Stuller’s new X-1 white
gold, induction melting will work best, due to the narrow casting
temperature window.

James Gilbert
Metals Product Manager
Stuller, Inc.