Choosing a jewellery Cad software


I am thinking to buy and learn Jewellery Cad Software but not sure
what software to buy, Anyone can recomend the best Software? as there
are a few, and all seem to be good. Matrix(Rhino), ArtCam Jewelsmith
and Jewelcad are the three that many are using, feedback would be

Anthony Galea


I use Jewelsmith from Delcam. I have been using it for about 5
years. I think that it is great. It can do all sorts of surface
modeling such as highly detailed textures. This is one of the things
that I like the best about it. You can create surface textures by
scanning in objects, by modifying those surfaces in all sorts of ways
or just create your own from scratch. It also has the ability to very
simply create front and backs to jewelry objects that are highly
complex. if you want to create a piece that has interconnecting parts
it is a cinch to do in JS. Creating objects that have specific
thicknesses that you can define for casting reasons is also not any
thing difficult. If you have a model and want to channge it for any
reason it takes minutes to modify.

It has undergone some pretty major changes in the way files are kept
and in its structure in the last couple of years. The program was
redeveloped and so their has been some grumbling. BUT, I think that
now it is done with any major application differences and I
personally like the new version a lot.

You can do things much faster and create so many more things now in
a third of the time. With this program as with all others one has to
be willing to learn the new techniques. It is in fact easier to use
now than ever before, old time users like me didn’t understand at
first that it was made simpler but after using it for a while I see
that it is much easier to create vastly complex parts in a very short

For someone buying the program now you will be learning all of the
latest and easiest techniques for working.

some friends of mine heard that their was trouble with JS so they
bought one of the other two you mentioned. they still aren’t making
anything but simple ring bands with one center bezel. they can’t
create any detail or surface modeling at all. these aren’t hard to
learn, you can learn to make work very fast if you put in the time.
In fact I was doing surface modeling and multiple bezels and all
sorts of things on my first products. these products weren’t flat
backed medallions either.

If you want write back and we can see about talking more in detail.

Good luck Antonio
Where are you by the way? Antonio

Hi Anthony,

We have been using rhino 4 for quite some time, but if you are
looking for Jewellery specific software with lots of plus features
related to jewellery designing, then I recommend 3 design, it is
from france, the software has been lately introduced to our CAD
department and the out put is in real time, they have an online demo
which you can view by going to their website and registering
yourself. Recommend also that you do go through the Rhino Gold demo.
this has is the latgest addtion to the Rhino software aimed at
jewellery designing. One piece of advise go for any but ensure you
go for a parametric software.


There’s plenty of CAD software packages out there used in the
industry, some jewelry specific, some not, and all can pretty much
get you where you want to go. The all have specific strengths and
weaknesses in different areas so I would advise doing your homework
and seeing which would fit the type of work you would like to do.
The jewelry specific ones obviously have built in features that can
make creating jewelry easier and faster and also have training
available that makes getting up and running a quicker proposition as

I use 3Design and Freeform. 3Design is a very capable solid modeler
with that is truly parametric. This means that there is a history of
the entire project as you are working on a piece, you can go back to
the beginning, change something, a stone shape for example, and
everything you’ve done after that will automatically update. No need
to redo each step manually. Great for experimenting and customer
changes, it’s what sold me on it. Freeform is a premier organic
sculpting program, so between the two I can create anything I desire
in CAD.

I’d suggest you visit, this subject is often
discussed and there’s plenty of users of all sorts of software there
to help you out.

Good luck!

it would be worth checking into form Z


Hi Harry,

Thankyou for your info regarding 3Design Cad Software, it looks like
a great program. Also I had a look at your work on your Website its
fantastic! Very Impressive what can be done with Cad Software.

Anthony Galea

Hey Anthony,

Depending on what type of Jewellery you are making will depend on
the software.

We make mainly for other jewellers so we have to have a cater for
more needs than sticking to one style of jewellery.

We currently use three program, Jewelcad, Rhino 4.0 (basic package +
Rhinogold) and Artcam.

Also the manufacturing techniques you use will help you decide what
program to use.

We manufacture with a Rapid prototyping (solidscape T66) machine and
also a milling 5 axis machine. We find this will cater for more
jewellers needs. Giving a great detailed finish with the milling, but
giving a more productive edge with the rapid prototype.

We use each program for its own purpose such as:

Jewelcad, for example is very quick, you can create a ring faster
than any other program i have used, this is a fantastic program to
learn on, the only drawbacks are the rendering is basic (this is not
to say you don’t get a good idea of the piece your making, but its
not as far advanced as programs like “v-ray in rhino”). The other
drawback is the precision is not quite there so if you are looking to
in-place stones for casting i wouldn’t recommend jewelcad. (I hate
saying that because jewelcad is personally my favourite program for
its user friendliness)

Pricewise Jewelcad comes in the middle, you get what you paid for,
a good solid program 

Rhino, is a fantastic basis for what a good cad program can achieve
(in any industry, my brother is in animation and he uses rhino to
build his basic models). I have heard Rhino being called “cumbersome”
but that’s only because it caters for a variety of industries. This
can be an advantage if you are modelling jewellery which is very
“different” to traditional jewellery. It takes a little bit longer
but this balances out with its precision. Also if you need good
realistic pictures, V-ray, and Maxwell, are both free to try for
30days and are fantastic renderers. Then Rhino gold we hardly use but
it has a great stone library.

Pricewise, THIS IS A BARGAIN!! One of the best programs available
and its so cheap! 

Then we mainly use ArtCam, for the milling machine pieces. It is
great for details such as engraving and recess work, because it can
draw directly on a surface, but it drawbacks are hollow work, or work
with a lot of parts. We normally take work form Jewelcad or Rhino
into Artcam if it needs engraving or needs to be milled.

Pricewise Artcam is way overpriced for what is 

Hope this helps sorry to crap on, and i hope i haven’t bored you
into not buying any program now. But this is the edited version ^^.

If you did keep interest the whole way through and you have more
questions you can email me directly if you want.

Good luck!!
Brad Bird