Center finder

My plastic center finder is just not accurate enough. I’m finally
going to chuck it.

Do y’all have favorite center finders for the small scale work we
all do & where do you purchasae them?

Carla you can aquire all sorts of handy machine toolchest
items like center finders and stuf - goo

Carla - assuming you mean the plastic ones with the kind of
triangular edges, which I also use for wax, Starrett and also China
makes almost the same thing. It’s a steel rule with a groove in it,
and the whole gizmo takes 3 different attachments - a tri-square, a
protractor, and a center finder. Perhaps you could only get the one
attachment, too.

Carla, I got a nice metal one from Micro Mark, and I’ve been very
pleased with it (well, since I learned that I need to use a very
pointy instrument to mark the line!).

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