Can we go back to the old format for the forums?

I have tried the first time to get in and had to redo my membership for the site. Once I started on the prompt of entry denied site is private must register, I would try to log in but again would be denied unless i did a new membership. Now each time even with a new membership done three times previously, I still get the same problems. The old format was fine. The constant tweeting doesn’t mean it is a good tweak. If you need help my hubby the EX IBM VP, and current upper echelon IT person at Disney can help you around the quirks. I donate his time, if it means I can get in without all the hassles of having to get a new membership each and every time. ARRRRGHHGGHHH!!!


Hi Aggie - I’m sorry to hear you are having difficulties signing in. You can always email us at "" if you encounter issues.

I’m with you Aggie. I preferred the old digest format. Much less effort to read the daily digest. I received an email and everything was there. No need to click, no need to log in, just scroll down and read all of the new entries to each thread.

What I’d like to do is go back to about 1980 when Apple when public so I can put in everything I have and let it ride. Can we do that too?


Hi @aggie.p, I emailed you about this on Mon, June 12. Did you get my email? I’ll send you another email right now with your login info.

I, too, don’t understand this new forum. I was told that there was a problem on your end and that it was being worked on and would be corrected. I prefer the daily email, with no log-in required. Is this changing?

The daily digest will be returning shortly. I have added a thread that discusses that here. It should launch in a few days and daily digest will once again be reactivated :slight_smile:

Also, there was extensive discussion about the old format vs the new format for Orchid. That thread is here, and the discussion was quite involved. The short version is, no we have no intention of returning to the old format. If there are specific features, functionality, or other ideas you have to improve this format, kindly post them in a new thread under “Site Feedback” - that is the purpose of this category - so we can improve the experience continually.