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[Call for Entries] MJSA research the Etsy experience

Greetings, all:

I’m writing a short article on Etsy, the online marketplace for
handmade goods. I’d like to speak with a few people who are using
Etsy to sell jewelry about their experiences with it, good or bad.
Please contact me via the phone numbers or email address below if
you have any thoughts you could share.

Thanks much.

Gerry Davies
Managing Editor
MJSA Journal
1-401-274-3840. Ext. 3051
1-800-444-6572, Ext. 3051

Hi Gerry, I’ve been selling jewelry and supplies on etsy for almost
a year now. Mostly supplies as I sell wholesale and do not want
conflict with my retailers. My shop is doing very well.

Leanne Elliott Soden

Hello Gerry,

My friend Harriete Estel Berman passed on this call out. I have been
on Etsy for the past few months and have a lot to say regarding my
experience and the many others I have spoken with about it. Mostly
positive. Let me know if you have time for us to speak in person.

Also below is a link to a feature they included me in during our
Craft-Con Conference, this event was full of Etsy users. Scroll down
about half way to a pic of me (and my hand) and what I have to say
about Etsy and Art-Jewelry.


Shana Astrachan