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CAD requirements for stone setting

We are evaluating a number of different CAD artists - and have found that making models that are easy for setters to work with is key. That said, we’re still working on understanding the most common mistakes.

For the setters out there, what are the signs of great CAD work as it relates to stone setting? What are pet peeves in lesser CAD?

As mentioned in Cad operator who understands stone setting, it’s ideal to have a CAD artist with setting and bench experience. In practice, we’ve found that deep setting understanding is rare, but with a bit of guidance, CAD artists can learn.

I am confused by this post. You’re looking to hire CAD personnel but you can’t evaluate if they produce fuctional settings? Your name says “custom made”. What is it that you custom make then?

Hi Cameron,

Thanks for the response. We can and have evaluated and hired CAD personnel over the past year, the majority of whom have worked out successfully and are still with us.

Despite having some success, I recognize that there is more we can learn from the experienced jeweler community here on Ganoksin. I also figured the response might be helpful for others that are looking to incorporate CAD/CAM into their offering.

Do you have any advice to share from your experience?

I agree that a good knowledge of stone setting is crucial for CAD operators.
The best way to train CAD operators is to actually have them learn how
make jewelry. Especially they need to learn to set stones. The best CAD
folks I know are former well trained bench jewelers. If I owned a car
factory I would never hire a designer or engineer who had never driven a
Have fun and make lots of jewelry.
Jo Haemer

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