#BuildYourBench Giveaway

Hello Everyone, Rio is giving away a beautiful Rio Grande Jeweler’s Workbench in January and we wanted to be sure everyone here in the Orchid forum knew about it, too! To join the giveaway:

  • Post an image of your bench or workspace to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter
  • Tell us about your favorite tool or piece of equipment
  • Use #BuildYourBench in your description

You’ll be entered in a monthly drawing to win equipment worth up to $500. See the link for complete contest rules and conditions. http://ow.ly/rWvz30hFJ3U

Stay tuned to the giveaway, as we have new prizes coming up monthly!

Note From Ganoksin Staff:
Looking for a workbench for your jewelry projects? We recommend:


Wondering who were the 10 winners in the last giveaway (Nov. 2017) ?

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Hi Rio Grande folk,
can you include the addition of the pics etc to Ganoksin? here in this thread?
dont use S media.
await your reply.
in the UK

Hi Mike, Thanks for asking. We didn’t have a Cyber Monday Giveaway this year, but in November 2016 Nick Lundeen Jewelry was the bench winner. Is that the one you’re referencing?

You better read to rules Ted. The contest is only open to the residents of the United States!!! Kinda discriminatory & I’m not sure why Rio would post this on an international forum?

How about we contact RIO by telephone. Let them know that this forum reaches 60 countries, as their sales might drop in response to their initial posting. That letter affects ME, as well, and I’m a Canadian.

Gerry! On my Teaching iPhone!

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I think common sense would be in order
Has anyone in another country, including
Canada, purchased and paid shipping on a
Jewelers Bench from Rio?
If Rio posted the rules that a winner
outside of the U.S. pay shipping and any duty,
would that be reasonable, affordable?
I doubt many people in the U.S order from
I know adulting is hard sometimes…

Really? @Richard Hart. Who is talking about shipping & duty? Perhaps you
could actually read Rio’s post…

“Hello EVERYONE, Rio is giving away a beautiful Rio Grande Jeweler’s
Workbench in January and we wanted to be sure EVERYONE HERE IN THE ORCHID
FORUM knew about it, too!”

What to do. How to sign up. Entered in a monthly drawing. And finally,
click here to read the rules & discover that Rio doesn’t really mean

Saying everyone, but meaning only American residents; hmm, maybe it’s just
me but I would think in my juvenile mind that many would consider that

With further regard to your opinionation, do you think it would be cheaper
to ship to Hawaii or Alaska than it would be to almost anywhere else?

Also, the rules state: “Any other prize-related expenses, including without
limitation any and all federal, state, and/or local taxes, shall be the
sole responsibility of the winner.” Duh? Wouldn’t that would cover duty &

And as a Canadian, if I had to buy a bench, after a quick Google, I would
probably buy it from Jeweler's Work Bench | Contenti

It seems to be the same place that supplies Rio.

Best of luck with your arrogantasis.

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I like what you say.
so far, RIO havnt had the business sense to reply to my post.
Ill wait a bit longer for that, if they dont, there shooting themselves in their foot.
Also one of the questions is, tell us etc?
sounds like a bit of market research were doing for them for free!.
anyway, their market target is the lone bench jeweller, they probably wouldnt know if I asked them for the types of tools and machinery I use. Apart from the fact the bench on offer would be useless to me.
Looking at their catalogue they certainly dont offer anything like what I use…
As for competing with Cookson Gold, who are primarily large bullion dealers . If I wanted a silver disk 15in dia by 3 mm thick weight 8.5lbs Id be very surprised if RIO could even source this.
CG supply me with this in a 3day turnaround.
As I said before,
Im in the UK.

Hi Richard
I don’t have an issue with Rio limiting the contest to the USA (Their contest, their rules),
But I thought it worth mentioning that I live in Canada and spend thousands of dollars per year at Rio and I do pay the exorbitant shipping rates that UPS and others charge to ship to Canada, along with border broker fees and Canadian Goods and Services Tax.
I don’t think it would be unreasonable for Rio to extend the contest to Canada, where I am sure they have many faithful customers besides me, . I think it would be reasonable for Rio to pay the shipping, while the Canadian winner pays the border broker fees and GST etc.
But as I say, I am not offended by Rio limiting the contest to the USA.

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You ought to check out Otto Frei for beautiful benches. Their custom benches are sweet. I’ve had one for 20 years, expensive but will outlast me.

Also, just so you know, we Americans love Canadians. In fact, for the last year or so many of us wish we were Canadian.

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I agree about the Frei benches. I’ve had an oak double bank John Frei bench since 2012. Love it. The first non-homemade bench I’ve ever owned.


Here’s mine. Lacks the nice view.


Hi Everyone, Thank you to those of you who took time to offer feedback on the Rio #BuildYourBench give away. We have heard your requests and appreciate your patience as we work through a solution.

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I live in Australia. I for a fact know shipping anything from the USA is too dear.
A desk would down right cost over 100 plus dollars to send it.

I think it’s reasonable to only hold it in the states. Although they could give something else to out of country people. A gift card to use in anyway the receiver wishes.

thats a pretty good idea dana. and foir that frei bench. i was drooling.
that is beautiful.

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Thanks again for the conversation around our Build Your Bench Giveaway. Many of you have inquired about why this sweepstakes is only open to U.S. residents. Unfortunately, this limitation was necessary because it is impossible to craft a giveaway like this that is compliant with the laws of all countries. In fact, when we evaluated it, we found that to create a giveaway that would be legal in one country, it would be considered an illegal lottery in others. Specifically, as currently drafted, this sweepstakes would not be legal in parts of Canada, therefore we could not extend this opportunity to Canadian residents. It is always difficult for Rio Grande to hear that we have disappointed any customer, this is true even when we have no control over the outcome. We appreciate our international customers greatly and are always looking for ways to better serve them. Thank you all again for your comments; we appreciate the feedback.


I’m a “Rio Pro.” That means I spend a lot of money at Rio. But I live in Mexico. Rio will ship to me. I appreciate that. I appreciate Rio. But Richard Hart has a very good point.
There are websites in the US that won’t allow me to list my jewelry on them because even though I am an American I live in Mexico. They’re fine with taking jewelry from Canada.
There are vendors in the US that won’t sell to me because I live in Mexico. I sure do feel discrimination there.
There are stories about lost deliveries from quite a few years ago, but I’ve never had a shipment not show up. It can take four weeks to get from the border down to here, but it always gets here. There have been times when Ive had to pay as much as retail and once in a while more than the retail price in duty and shipping to get stuff from the border down here. That does hurt.
It’s not worth it to me to enter Rio’s competition. If they limit their competition to the US, that’s no problem for me.
I always listen to Richard Hart. He’s a good man with a level head.
Dick Stromberg
Ah Mexico! Where “C” on a faucet means HOT, and “M” on a restroom means THE LADIES ROOM.

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Absolutely agree that the contests should extend to include Canadian customers!

Do they not realize that Stuller and Gesswein have offices in the “Greater-Toronto-Area”?
They should look into this idea & have the items sent from here! Have the shipping & duties built into the pricing, no big deal, EH!.:wink:

Gerry! On my (Toronto)Teaching iPhone!