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#BuildYourBench Giveaway


In the past year so many posts have turned into deconstructive comments, emotional chaos & insult throwing bitch-fests, all that are de-evolving the original purpose of the Orchid. I’m actually sorry that I posted on the forum instead of responding privately to Ted. I am now just another A-Hole participant sharing my unwanted opinions. That said, I did. So in for a penny…

I am also a customer of Rio’s. They have always been a five star company when dealing with me and I am a very small customer in their books. I responded to Ted in the UK because the last time
Rio had this contest I went to great lengths to clean up my space, take photos and get the entry form in by following the instructions as posted on the Orchid. I did not read the fine print that stated “Residents of the US” and was clued into that after the contest closed. Duh? I was the idiot and though I’d save Ted the time.
I hear what your saying about websites & companies that won’t list your work or ship to you in Mexico. I have the same trouble here in Canada with many US based companies not wanting to ship to us. But Rio’s customers are worldwide & they ship to them. Yes, it’s their company and they are absolutely entitled to set their own rules. All they had to do was say “Hello Residents of the US, Rio is giving …” It would have been all good. And realistically, contest give-a-ways are the cheapest (and a very effective) form of publicity and promotion. So if they had to pay a little more for shipping, it’s no big deal for a company of that size (as well as being a 100% tax write off for them). But what I really don’t understand is why Rio wants to give me, if I were a US resident, a chance to get something I already have. A gift certificate would be more appropriate.
I also agree with you that Richard has good solid information to offer when he’s talking about jewelery related topics. But in this case he responded emotionally, with an uninformed opinion, insinuating that I lack common sense & that I should basically grow up. Not helpful, not professional and not cool.

@Richard Hart. Sorry, but I tend to get a little emotional when I’m being deliberately denigrated and insulted. And if your offended by this… Well I can understand.

@gerrylewy. I think Rio got the message.

@Milt. Like you say “Their contest, their rules”. But if Rio were to extend the contest to Canada, they should extend it to every country they do business with. Just ‘cause we’re close, doesn’t make us special.

@ RioGrande “Offer void where prohibited by law.

WR further.


Hi Noella,
Re your “I dont really understand”?
From my point of view, its probably a case of being overstocked.,
take up a lot of room in store, and less profit per item than other sales lines.
Thanks anyway for your thought to save me time.
IF they say “anyone” i took it on its face value. also ive re read my 1st post, and made it clear how
I could participate and where I was. I did expect a reply so whats their pr image worth?
Perhaps they had the equivalent of a bad hair day!
As for your comments about this forum degenerating into a slanging match at times, honestly, some folk do need to be put right re metalwork, its a hard master, but will reward them well if they do it right.


@RioGrande, Thanks for the explanation. I appreciate your taking the time to provide a response.
Milt Fischbein


Your fume hood is really nice. The flex hose, where did you get it?
I would also like to know what fan unit you are using and is it powerfull enough to do a good job? And … that’s all folks.