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Brand New Step-by-Step Tutorial Videos on Stone Setting

Does the bezel video show a full bezel or only the partial one shown in the preview?

I teach stone setting in Holland, fun to see someone in America using the same tricks. But why not use a hammerhandpiece? I can see how you are used to using a hammer, but it is more presice hammering I find.

The newer video will show a 9x7 mm Full Oval Bezel Setting…Gerry!

Gerry Lewy!..just sent from my iPhone!

Hammer hand-piece only hits and leaders deep pits & ridges. My Flat faced hammer when used, is easy to clean after setting…:wink: Gerry!

Gerry Lewy!..just sent from my iPhone!

One could make new tips for a hammer handpiece that have a profile better suited to the work.

Thanks so much for these. I also appreciate the reorganization of the overall site! The design is clean and much easier to find things! Thanks again.

thanks @susanestler!

After watch the trailers I see there are no close ups to demonstrate exactly what a correctly set stone should look like, or what a correctly cut seat looks like. Having been a picture editor in my past life, I know that these tutorials would be greatly improved if you went back and picked up close-ups and inserted them into your current tutorials. These tutorials can be re-edited and be vastly more informative.

Hi @rydrenn - there are numerous close up shots in the videos demonstrating the aspects you describe… the trailers are just a short sample of the video content.

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Thanks for the update. It would be helpful if you showed a few CUs in the trailers. Based on what you said I would now consider purchasing them.

Thanks, understandable. I use the hard hit to fix the stones and a soft hit to even out the pits & ridges. I once learned a neat trick from Ruhi Okyay (Pforzheim, Germany). If one cannot fixate the stones with a grain, to fixate them with a slice of eraser. One can easily fold this over the stones and hold them in place while setting. Works nice with square stones in a row.

Hi Sabine
Just wondering around my email section of Ganoksin and I saw your letter. I’m going to create/write an essay on “Using a Hammer-Handpiece”. This is a great Idea, thanks!..:>)
Gerry Lewy!


This would be wonderful! I received a hammer handpiece last year for Christmas and, wow, was it hard to find information on how to use it and all the available points for it.

Any info will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

This new essay will be an in-depth study on a “hammer-handpiece” with a
full text+ page & some ultra,close-up photographs. I’ll try & create some
newer photos on some of my rings with bezels. I will show how the ‘tension
setting’ can be regulated and for which setting project you’re working on!
Remember I use a “Difficulty Scale” on all of my essays. For this topic,
it is a definite 7+/10…OY & Ouch!
*Gerry​!​ *

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Hi. I made a video with Interweave last year on the flex shaft. A two parter. Hammer handpiece included. You can find it here:
Unfortunately it is not free.

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I have those videos and love them. Thank you. Have watched them several times and have learned a lot, though I would still like more in-depth info on some of the less common hammer points (cylinder, for instance).

I have taken a workshop with Albion Smith where he showed us how to use the hammer handpiece for background texturing. (Yes, ear protection is mandatory when doing that!)

There are also some Youtube videos showing the hammer handpiece in use, however they are not instructional videos, per se, just observational ones showing a jeweler at work. Some how-to info can be deduced so they can be useful.

More information is always welcome!


Looking forward to it!

Thanks for putting in the work and sharing with us.

Who know about createspace. Thanks for the tip.