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Brand New Step-by-Step Tutorial Videos on Stone Setting

Hi Orchid -

As a result of the incredible generosity of master setter Gerry Lewy and @RioGrande, I am very pleased to be able to present this series of videos. This summer, we spoke with a few select folks about the idea of raising some money for Orchid by making high quality instructional videos. We decided to cover the basics:

  • Tool Modification
  • Setting a Solitaire (4 prong and 6 prong)
  • Bezel Setting and Channel Setting
  • Cluster Setting and Flush Setting
  • Princess Setting Round Claws / V-Shaped Claws
  • Bead Setting

We’ve done this in the past (Torch-Fired Enamel being one example) and it has always been a big help to both the community and to Orchid. Gerry volunteered his time, Rio Grande sent us a bench and sponsored the endeavor. We set up two cameras, a whole bunch of lighting, and created a makeshift studio here in Boston to maximize camera angles. We never could have afforded to do something of this quality without the generosity of Rio and Gerry!

In any event, it was our first foray into this and I think it came out quite well! All proceeds benefit (our large free resource library) and Orchid. Purchases are made right online, videos are viewed right online in HD, and if you are logged in and a paying member, you can simply click to purchase, you need not enter your information again.

Gold members of Orchid/Ganoksin get 25% off the price of any video or the package!

Here are the trailers, along with links above each one to the video purchase page.

Gerry Lewy Video A - Intro - Tool Modification - Skills

Gerry Lewy Video B - Setting a Solitaire - 4 Prong - 6 Prong

Gerry Lewy Video C - Bezel Setting - Channel Setting

Gerry Lewy Video D - Cluster Setting - Flush Setting

Gerry Lewy Video E - Princess Setting Round Claws - V Shaped Claws - Wedding band

Gerry Lewy Video F - Bead Setting


Hi Seth,

Just a thought about the new online videos.

Not everyone has cable. After paying $63 a month just for internet and
getting my bill raised again I burned my bridges with the cable
company. Now I use a tethered cell phone with my computer, and there is
a data limit. Watching a full video would use all of my month’s data
and my connection would be throttled down to nothing for the rest of the
month. Unlimited online access sounds nice but it would mean having to
re-stream the video each time I wanted to review some detail. I pay
over $2,000 a year to my cell company for the family’s phones already,
and I am not paying them more to increase my data allowance.

I’m hoping you have DVDs in your plans. If not yet, and if others would
rather buy DVDs, you might look into Amazon’s Create Space.

Neil A

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Hi Neil,

Consider using a streaming recorder so you can record the videos and play them back without using your bandwidth. Google streaming video recorder and you should find some. No cable here and loving it!


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Consider using a streaming recorder so you can record the videos and play them back without using your bandwidth. Google streaming video recorder and you should find some. No cable here and loving it!

Well, it says downloading is not allowed, and I’d like to abide by the
rules, even if they don’t make a lot of sense to me.

Neil A

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Vimeo says that I suspect. If you pay for the video, you own the video - I take no issue with anyone downloading it for their own personal use after paying for it.

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If you pay for the video, you own the video - I take no issue with anyone downloading it for their own personal use after paying for it.

Thank you for that, Seth. I will order the set after the holidays. I
already gave myself a Christmas present (Durston Agile C130 - thank you
Durston and thank you Rio Grande for the cyber Monday deal). I also
just replaced my torch set-up, not yet arrived. There is a story to tell
about that later on.

Neil A

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Thanks @neil_a3! Glad to hear you picked up the new @durston product.

This is perfect. With today’s HD cameras, it’s very helpful to record tutorials in high resolution so we can see what is happening exactly. It makes a huge difference.


It took two cameras and a bunch of rented lighting setups to get it right. After doing it, there are definitely things we can improve on for the next time (we are going to get a really nice macro lens so we can shoot really close up - even moreso than we did here). But at least we can really see what is going on, which is what is missing in many of the videos I see being circulated.

I got something 200+ times better, it is a micro-scope on a uni-pod, the
first in Canada. When we do this again you can see almost all of my
molecules jumping around in the ring. It can even be shown on a monitor,
how is that?


Glad to hear you picked up the new @durston product.

I’ve always had psychological issues regarding Durston mills. Might not
be the best term to use…

I could afford a small one, but for just a few hundred more I could get
a bigger one, and for just a few hundred more than that I could get one
with side rollers, and I’m getting older & weaker so the dual mill with
a 7:1 ratio would be extremely nice, but of course a powered mill would
really be the way to go! So I’d start affordable and wind up off the
charts, stalemate. The Agile C130 has a great price with enough
usability to be hard to resist, and Rio Grande’s cyber Monday discount
made resistance futile.

Matthew Durston’s posting about the cyber Monday discount is what tipped
me off. Probably I would not have known about that and not gotten the
mill had it not been for his post on Orchid.

I am very, very happy with the mill, and with Orchid of course, as a
source of information as well as for the community.

Neil A

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Thanks Seth, Gerry and Rio

I watched some of the trailers. Great work to all involved I also like that you can purchase the package or it’s parts and is reasonably priced. Wish this was available when I was a spring chicken. I am sure this is not easy to do.

Maybe someday I will be a contributor?

Very impressed how you are moving forward.

Hope you and everyone can spend time with loved ones.


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Hi Franz
On behalf of Seth and Rio, the filming was an arduous task! Can you
imagine almost 9 hours of non-stop filming each day. We had construction
trucks outside the building and we had to schedule our filming when the
back-up “beeps” were not working. It was almost humourous & funny at
times…“beep…beep…beep!” But the results are what you see now…Seth and
the ‘filming gang’ are so pleased with the results.
In my collection of 54 video’s I have in my Benchtube collection that I
perspnally made, each video took me almost a week to create. Now, imagine 8
films in only 3 days? Formidable task to say the least, my sincerest thanks
to everyone concerned!.:>)

Gerry Lewy


@leah-ganoksin-admin changed the settings to allow downloads now :slight_smile:

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I rarely use Vimeo so I’m not familiar. I bought the whole package but I do not see the ability to download anywhere. When I right click I can only save as a webpage .html.

Odd - @leah-ganoksin-admin could you maybe give @andrea702 a hand?

Thank you. I’ve been trying for 10 minutes and to no avail. Usually to download videos online I just grab the url link and it downloads but for some reason it’s not working on these.

Ok now I see the download link for 1 of the videos. The other 5 do not have the download option.

Hi @andrea702. So sorry about that. I hadn’t realized I had to add special download links. They should all be there now. Let me know if it doesn’t work.


Awesome! Downloaded them all! :slight_smile:

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