Boston Jewelry attractions

I may be accompanying my dad to Boston in October. Are there any of
us up that way who’d want to meet me and show me some of the sites
and stores around town? :slight_smile: Will probably be coming in on a Wednesday
and leaving Sunday or Monday. Would love to meet some other designers
and see where you work.

MikiCat Designs

go to harvard and see the rock & mineral display and if they still
have the glass flower display you will not be dissapointed

I am not in Boston but can tell you that Quadrum in the Chestnut
Hill Mall is a lovely gallery to look at. As is Mobilia in Cambridge.

I definitely will be going to Harvard. My baby brother is an
associate professor there. (strutting the proud big sister bit).
Didn’t know they had a rock and mineral display but I’ll definitely
check it out. My dad will be lecturing on this experiences in the
War for a couple of my brother’s classes. I need to find ways to
amuse myself and was hoping to check out some of the more open
jewelry schools, shops, bead stores, etc. After all, wasn’t Paul
Revere a silversmith in Boston. Oh to be able to learn from them up
there. [sigh]

MikiCat Designs

Absolutely–it’s amazing. It’s at the Peabody Museum on Oxford St in


While it isn’t jewelry it may interest you:

Handmade flutes to customer specifications in Sterling, 10K, 14K and
Platinum. Call me if you would like a tour.

Elizabeth Watson
Headjoint Department Manager
Brannen Brothers Flutemakers, Inc.

Absolutely not to be missed!!:

165 Newbury Street Boston, Massachusetts 02116 USA