[Biz Talk] Wix or other website builders


Is anyone using wix or another kind of website builder? I don’t need
it to be fancy…but simple, really simple. I don’t need a shopping
cart, I use Etsy for that.

The host I was using is making it harder and harder to do updates on
my site and I think I would like to transfer my domain.

Any opinions on which website host/builder is easiest for someone
who really doesn’t want to learn to use HTML or Joomla? I would love
to see your site.


I use highwire.com, but it’s an ecommerce site. Very easy to use!


I run a Mac, and use iWeb and host it on the.Mac site. Very simple,
plenty of choices for style and layout, a great choice if you don’t
need a shopping cart. You can add PayPal tabs to an iWeb site, which
I plan to do, but I haven’t found a good stand alone shopping cart
choice for it. But it is VERY quick and easy to design and maintain,
and the.mac hosting is quite reasonable.

Beth Wicker
Three Cats and a Dog Design Studio


If you have(had) a MAC the software of iWEB is really pretty good.
Yes there are all sorts of Web building programs, free and some VERY
costly. You can look at tour 2 sites both build with iWeb in very
short order. (MLCE.net and/or ctmandalas.com). These were both done
by Cynthia (wife and long time but now past high end jeweler). These
were her first attempts, there have been updates to both URL’s (VERY
easy). They do not have all sorts of bells and whistles, but I/we
think they do the job very well and and are VERY easy to learn and
operate. Very user friendly. In the past, before OSX for the Mac

GoDaddy is another reasonably priced hosting site too.

John Dach

Zen Cart is free to use. Check out my website. I use Zen Cart.

Dawn Lawrence Floen

I’m currently rebuilding my site using Impact Folios:
http://www.impactfolios.com/. I find it very easy to use. No coding
needed or anything. Uploading images is a snap. And it seems like it
will be very easy to maintain. Easier than my current site, for sure,
which requires editing pages with Dreamweaver or another HTML editor.
They have a 30-day free trial so you can test it out.

Beth Taylor