[Biz Talk] Designer Jewelry Showcase

I’m sure this question comes up every years – who has experience
with the book Designer Jewelry Showcase and has it produced
quantifiable wholesale accounts?

Carolyn Tillie

Hi Carolyn,

About 8 years ago, I placed a two page ad in Designer Jewelry
Showcase, and unfortunately, the only contacts I received as a
direct result were other artists asking me how well the ad worked and
a few small manufacturers wanting to sell me chains (I make my own).
I’ve since heard of similar experiences from other artists, who’ve
placed adds, and haven’t come across many galleries that seem to use
it. Perhaps the online part gets better traffic.

Victoria Lansford

I have yet to hear of a really positive experience with it. There
seems to be a large turnover from year to year. A few people stick
around, so it must be okay for them, but they look pretty well
established so their experiences might not be the best gauge.

Have you tried calling some folks from the publication to ask how
they’ve done?

I find their sales rep to be pushy and I’ve asked that they’ve
stopped calling me. She was condescending last time and I don’t need
the high pressure sales in my day.


This same question has been asked several times over the years. If
you do a search in the archives you will get an ongoing conversation
about this subject that covers several years. I think that it will
answer your question. Frank

Surprised that there was nary a response to my query last week…

A dozen years ago, the Designer Jewelry Showcase Book was a great
way for jewelers to get exposure to galleries because the internet
was not so prevalent. Although, I have to admit, that a dozen years
ago I used it myself moreso to get ideas.

I am really curious if anyone is using the book as part of their
advertising budget or if they have spent the money and found it a
waste. I’ve built a new website (with eCommerce!) and am looking for
the most effective way to broadcast new work towards the wholesale

Carolyn Tillie

Surprised that there was nary a response to my query last week.... 

There were some responses, also check the archives, this question
comes up every couple of years.