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Best way to sell a loose diamond

Hi! I have a diamond I want to sell.
1 carat, round, color L, clarityVVS2, 6.40x6.34x3.93mm.
Can anyone suggest the best way to do this.

Is it certified? If so, by who?
Where is the diamond located?
What is your desired selling price?
What forms of payment would be acceptable to you?

If you answer these questions, we can help much more with your

Lee Cornelius
Vegas Jewelers


Why don’t you put it in a piece of jewelry and sell it? I am
assuming of course that you are a jeweler. If you aren’t a jeweler
and you are on the site then you must know jewelers or at least have
an interest in the topic. If that is the case, then perhaps you can
have someone you know make a piece for them to sell in their shop,
then you could get a better return on the stone and your friend could
make some $ too.

I have said this before, when a customer or person not in the trade
wants to sell a loose diamond don’t expect to get a price of even
wholesale value from someone in the business. There is no need in
this day and age for a jewler to buy a diamond to put in stock. You
can make a call and get whatever you want in a matter of a day or

Your diamond although a great clarity is low in color. Are you
outside of the states? I have had several customers over the years
who had real great clarity low color diamonds [ L, M NOP] who were
from India and Pakistan. I think that perhaps the market there is
more accepting of what I call tone in Diamonds. This is not something
that is very well accepted here in the states, at least not by
clients I have had who are looking to buy.

So, I go back to my suggestion that you create a piece that really
compliments the size and color of the stone, put a 1.35 0r 1.45 mark
upon the stone and sell it.

Good luck, Dennis