Best way to get solid black?

I don’t generally leave solid black areas on silver, so this has not
come up before. I’m trying to leave a large silver area deep black to
represent the night sky. It is coming out mottled instead of a nice,
smooth color. I have tried sanding and brass brushing, but it still
has a spotty look, more dark gray than black. I am also working
around gold “stars” (balls) and behind a raised, pierced “tree line”,
so access is somewhat limited. I am using Black Max.


Happy New Year!


I’ve gotten some near black by lightly polishing a heavily LOS’d
piece. A gloss finish can darken a color.

BLACK black is pretty tough to pull off.

There is a video posting on ganoskin where cave men figures were
engraved on a ring then Blake enamel was used. The finished product
looked great. Could enamel be used inhour application? Sorry, but I
joined after the original email was sent ou so I donor know the