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Best glue for gem in other gem

I’m quite confused about which can be the best glue for the the new
2012+ trend of insert a gem in other gem. I would like to receive
some indication of the best one that fix powerfully and that dosen’t
give the impression of glue. Obviously must be an UV glue. Thank you
in advance.

Actually those stones into stones are usually drilled holes with
metal bezels around the top stone and set on base, then inserted
through the drilled hole in the base stone with a rivet, which when
finished and set - the rivet is not seen! Now are you totally
confused? Glue is not necessary except on the back of the "larger"
back stone to help secure the rivet! I don’t know what experience
you have with drilling, but that could require a bit of instruction
and practice!!!

Rose Marie Christison

His Glassworks sells HXTAL epoxy adhesive. It’s a two part product
that must be measured out accurately and takes about a week to fully
cure (unless heat is used). It cures crystal clear and permanent. I
learned about this product in a couple of lapidary classes. We used
this making laminated stones and when glue was needed under
transparent stones for ‘extra security’. Many of the stones the
instructor uses are beautiful, transparent and quite expensive and
this is the only epoxy he uses.

Hope this helps.