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Best Display Cases Color

Thanks so much for your help in deciding which cases are best. I am
also wondering whether to go for gold, silver or black when we get
our cases. The jewelry is a fairly even mix between silver and gold
with a lot of pieces using mixed metals. Sometimes I think gold is
best and other times I think blacki

I am thinking for white as an interior color.


I’d suggest you go around to retailers and look at the different
types in action. A bold look is attractive when you’re looking at an
empty case, but remember your case has a job to do.

Ideally what you need is a color that does not detract from your
goods. A big bright shiny gold or silver border around your goods
will, imho, just fight for attention. Black tends to disappear
somewhat. If you decide on the black, ask your case supplier if they
use powder coating. Its pretty durable. My cases are now eight years
old and don’t show much wear at all and they have been moved over two
thousand miles.

As to interior, white has disadvantages you should consider. 1) its
been done too much 2) even though leatherette is easier to clean
than suede it still looks dirty after a few months. 3) white is a
very stark background for jewelery, something warmer might be more
visually appealing

Hi Louise

Black is more neutral and easier to touch up if you ever get a
scratch. For interior I prefer a light grey as it does not show the
dust so much, nor the dirt. White and black show either dirt (from
fingers, especially after getting ink on them) or dust.

Karen Bahr - Karen’s Artworx
Calgary, Alberta, Canada