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Bazaar Del Mundo Indian Market

Hi All, If any of you living around Old Town San Diego have some time
come and see me at the Indian Market at Bazaar Del Mundo. The show
will be going on April 2, 3 and 4. We can talk about Anti-firescale
free vacuum casting and wax turning. It would be great to meet some
Orchid friends in person. Lee Epperson

Lee, Why not set up an Orchid Margarita gathering during that time.
What are the evening hours? I certainly will be down there. I know
there is a very large Orchid presence in San Diego. Terrie

Hi Terrie, The show hours are 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM Friday and
Saturday. Sunday is from 10:00 AM to 5 PM. By this time the show
ends these old bones are about done. I do the show by my self which
leaves no one to help out. The show will be a great place to see
lots of turquoise, coral, lapis and sugalite. There will be many
styles to observe. Hope to see you all there. Your Orchid Friend,
Lee Epperson

Sorry, I only caught this part of the thread. I’m also here in San
Diego and have been hoping to pull together a gathering of
Orchid/MAASC members… can I help?

San Diego area informal Orchid get together.

Lee epperson has advised he will have a booth this coming weekend at
the Bazaar Del Mundo. This is very short notice to arrange a get
together, but, hey why not? Let’s try.

I am very familiar with Bazaar Del Mundo, and am rather disappointed
that it soon may no longer be.

I can be available and drive down to the area from Oceanside, any of
the three days, Friday through Sunday. Lee suggests he may be too
beat for Sunday, so here is a call to all San Diego Area Orchidians,
Margarita’s at ??? at what O’Clock.

Please contact Lisa or myself via e-mail or I am listed in the North
County Directory.


could you possiboey name the time and place of the ochidian get
together? I don’t drink but do like to get my orchids everyday. Pat

Pat, It is appearing to be Friday afternoon. Not sure, but Lee
Epperson’s booth is a good place for starters.

Anyone else???