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Bar and chain cufflinks dimensions

I don’t know that bar and chain require any specific dimension
different from a toggle. What you need is sufficient length so the
it can double back on itself for insertion into the shirt. This would
vary according to the length of the bars. I’m at home right now so I
can’t check but a toggle is probably about 1/2-5/8" or so.

Thanks to everyone for the help with bar and chain measurements. It
looks like 1/2" including the two half loops is the way to go with
the chain and the same 1/2" with the bar.


Dear Pam,

I have worked with antique jewelry from time to time and the length
of the five links in a cufflink usually measure between 10mm to 13mm
total length.

The bars or buttons will vary widely with one side usually being
smaller. The smaller side is the side that passes through the cuff
while the larger is worn to the out side for show. The smaller side
have been any where from 10mm to 15mm depending in the shirt maker.

Unfortunately it seems there was no standard in the 1890s with each
shirt often being custom tailored. Check with a men’s department and
see what is a standard for tailoring now and that maybe your best bet
on getting a measurement.

Nanz Aalund
Associate Editor / Art Jewelry magazine
21027 Crossroads Circle / Waukesha WI 53187-1612
262.796.8776 ext.228