Back from Long's Park

I just got back home after traveling to do the Long’s Park show in
Lancaster, PA. It was one of my best shows ever, though the 700-mile
drive and food and lodging have to be taken into account. Also, it
is a 4-full-day show-- very tiring.

It was a relief to be at a show where people just bought stuff–
especially on Saturday. The way you hope it will be. My work is not
for everyone, and it is always a struggle.

On getting back and doing my “post-mortum” analysis of what sold on
what day, etc, I see that still, half my sales were under $100, and
only one over $600. I didn’t sell any of my sculptural, mixed-media
pieces, which range from $400 to $8000. So the question is, those of
you who sell a mix of more elaborate one-offs and simpler pieces,
where do the “better” pieces sell? And who do I have to kill to be
able to show there?

These are the pieces I really want to make-- ones such as are in my
Orchid Gallery pages ( I
have to figure out where they will sell, not just get lots of oos
and ahs.

I have been urged by a member of the staff at BMAC to give them a
try. Does one-off work go there, or would I only sell my low-end
production pieces I don’t really want to make?


Noel, I have been making jewelry for 33 years and have yet to figure
out the answer to this question… volume or value??

I’d rather make those 3-30 k pieces any day but it is those
$100-$250 pieces that put the bread on the table… I just never give
up and sooner or later you sell those bigger pieces that you made for
yourself and arts sake… you might However check out the Houston
Center for Contemporary Craft. They do sell some high end craft items
out of the gallery there. I would give you a contact name but I have
lost touch since I moved to Arkansas three years ago. Best of Luck!!
Frank Goss

Houston Center for Contemporary Craft
4848 Main Street
Houston, TX 77002

Hi Noel,

OOH AAH your work is super. The Silver Overlay Brooch “Hidden
Landscapes” How-to in the July 2007, Art Jewelry was wonderful. I
had my class make the pin. I found this to be a very interesting
approach to bezel work.

Rose Marie Christison