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Attributes of Quality

was: Harshly Judgemental?

No, Neil, I think you're unobtrusively starting a new thread, [;-} 

Ahah hah thats me the attention whore.

Overpriced, third rate jewelry" is heartbreaking, though. "Didn't
you realize we could have given you the same product at twice the
quality for 1/2 the price?

John, maybe it would be beneficial to morph this thread into a
discussion of just what constitutes the different levels of quality.
I like to think of it as deviations from perfection. Like clarity
grading for diamonds.

Now might be the time to list the deficiencies in the piece I
mentioned earlier.

shank material was perhaps.5 to.7 mm thick at the bottom very
apparent porosity on sides of shank, just off the head sculpted
curves were choppy, not smooth and sweeping prongs were long and

the problems with this piece. i believe, are the result of banging
out a fast wax, followed by negligent work on the cast product. I
could guess the porosity was caused by spruing at the thin back of
the shank. Even if one were to accept the thin shank and winces
porosity due to cost control factors the laziness in polishing is a
serious detriment to the ‘look’ of the piece. My own motto is “when
you can’t fix it right polish the hell out of it”. Spindley prongs
are heartbreak waiting to happen. But there I go, being a
craftsmanship snob again :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: