Armband fitting hints

A customer has requested a hammered sterling silver 1" wide cuff for
his bicep. His measurements are 14.5" at rest and 16 " flexed. I am
proficient with cuff bracelets in this style, but am puzzled about
how to fit the client with a 1.5" difference. I mean, I would hate
to cut off the blood supply to his lower arm if he just picked up a
pencil. I am picturing the part underneath his arm would be longer
and come up higher on the interior of his bicep. Any hints on
fitting this properly? Any hints at all?


Does he want it on the bicep?

I think wearing it above the bicep, would remove the issue when the
muscle contracts.

BTW, having watched lots of ‘action’ films, I do recall them either
being on the fore arm or above the bicep when made of metal. I think
if they are leather they can be on the bicep (the movie people
probably put elastic under the arm ;=))

Adventures of an Aspiring Silversmith


My first thoughts are that it should be fit to the narrow part of
the upper arm, more or less above the bicep and below the deltoid
muscles. This area generally has less girth change while moving the
lower arm.

Most of the upper arm decorations I’ve seen have been coils. The
coils would act as a torsion spring which would allow the use of
thinner material which makes it easier to open and close it by the
changing girth of the upper arm muscles. At the same time multiple
coils increase the contact area on the arm, thereby increasing the
holding ability. As far as the cuff I’d think work hardened thin
metal so as to make maximum use of the spring like properties
without being too difficult to flex. A slight anti-clastic shape may
help increase the spring properties while increasing the ability to
stay in place.

These thought are just off the top of my head. I’ve never done any
work like this. I’m sure other’s with greater experience in this may
have better ideas.

Good luck!
Mike DeBurgh, GJG
Henderson, NV

A cuff will not work well on the upper arm. Why don’t you make him a
two or three or four segment, spring loaded bracelet? Maybe have the
ends telescope into one another for a seamless look if you want.
Hinges and springs while a bit tricky are not all that hard to do.
This might be one of those cases where you have to choose between
form and function. I think you can get the function without
butchering the form too much.