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Argentium info and tutorials

I’ve been curious about working with Argentium and realize that there are some different techniques used for fabrication vs standard sterling (fusing, heat flow properties, soldering, etc). I’ve read many of the related past posts on this forum.

As far as video tutorials, one person seems to dominate the information flow regarding argentium and their tutorials are pretty pricey. Curious if these tutorials are necessary and worth it? I don’t mind spending money on tutorials if they address specifics of Argentium. Of course I could just jump into it and learn by making mistakes, which is what I’ll probably do, but I know some preparation will help smooth that process.

I mostly make rings, pendants and earrings with faceted or cabochon settings and the vast majority of these have been in regular sterling.

Try the Facebook Groups to have your questions answered. Argentium Silver Network. Argentium Silver Artists Forum.

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Thank you

Rio Grande also have good information on Working with Argentium Silver by Cynthia Eid.


A search here on “argentium” will return a lot of discussions about using Argentium with great tips.

Don’t know if there are any links to videos but there is great information -much of it from Cynthia Eid.

Thank you Pam and Peter