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Aquamarine pendant


My latest post showing a 75 carat Aquamarine set with 90 diamonds in
18kt white gold.



Very nice, it takes me 2 days to cut any stone! When you say tedious
do youmean tiring or boring" How can it be boring to produce such a
gem. Nick Royall


Havis, it is stunning.
Barbara Blaschke



It’s georgeus. Great work!



Hans, you are a true teacher, sharing your secrets with the world so
that we can be better at what we do. Thank you, pat


I have posted my thoughts about this work on my blog.

I believe it is instructive to acquaint oneself with it.

Leonid Surpin


Wow. Very superb.

Rick Powell


Nice job!!! Bravo…

The Donivan’s in SF CA


My original post was

I am quite amazed at the mean and nasty comments that I received off
line from several people on this forum, Leonid Surpin in particular.

I was simply going to let them wash over but eventually, you just
have to clarify some things.

I cut the stone, fabricated the pendant and set the diamonds to
international standards, so I am comfortable and confident in my

What seems to escape a few people is the error of parallax.

Check out

The pictures were taken with my Cannon S95 point and shoot on my
work bench by hand as I went along.

They are not industrial strength precision pictures.

The bail is loose, as in it can move freely and in one picture lies
to the left and in the other to the right.

The pendant was made to one tenth of a millimeter in parallel.

The corners are all absolutely equal.

Believe me, when I deliver the pendant (or any other work) is gets
examined and measured and inspected by the shop owner, his manager
and the resident goldsmith for a half an hour in front of me before
it is signed off and I can present my invoice.

The value of the piece is about $20,000, and there is no way they
would accept sloppy work under any circumstances…

Leonid’s attack on my work goes against every principle of the
goldsmith master.


Truly people, comparing my work to skewered cow excrement on a stick
on a public forum, blog or otherwise, is neither helpful nor fair.

Rather, it would be more polite and correct to show work that has
been done by yourselves of comparable or better quality.

To the others who suggested that it would be better to use CAD/CAM
since I was obviously inaccurate, this is not the case at all.

I would not be able to make a living doing work for high end
jewellers if I was producing rubbish, particularly in Germany.

Hans Meevis


Jealousy is common, your work is the best proof that you’ve done a
great job. Because of jealousy one gets nasty.

The pendant is wonderful.



The pendant is lovely. A piece that reminds me of a frozen pond and
sparkling snow. Whoever it was created for is going to feel blessed
with a piece of nature, crafted with a great deal of care with man’s
hands. I’d be interested to see how it might have looked if you had
our druthers, Hans, too because symmetry is not the be-all with
everything. Isn’t it a pity that camera angles influence other
people’s judgements so much ;-).

Magnification of eternity rings and many other pieces of jewelry
also show many shortcomings to the naked eye. Just how perfect is

I was simply going to let them wash over but eventually, you just
have to clarify some things. 

Yeah Hans I just didn’t bother to read that crap. I saw what was
referred to in the first pics and then saw down below that it was
all illusion. That’s because I have an actual brain, I DON’T have
way too much time on my hands, and I know that Hans does good work
so anything I see in a picture must be an illusion. And it’s just
not all about me, either.

I am quite amazed at the mean and nasty comments that I received
off line 

Hans, your talent and skills are both obvious and well known. Such
comments do not detract from your work, but they do say a great deal
about those who make them. I doubt that any of them could duplicate
the wonderful work you have been good enough to show us over the

Al Balmer


It’s gorgeous, Hans, and well suits my belief that metal was
invented only to hold beautiful stones.

And I’m especially happy to see Leonid still busy at work,
apparently sent straight out of Central Casting to ensure that Orchid
remains a lively forum of robust debate.

Let me know if those Germans aren’t happy with your lovely pendant.
I’ll break their kneecaps, toss them into the Elbe, and keep the


  • Lorraine


Seems to me that I remember a post about what makes a handmade piece
so much better than a perfect CAD piece are the slight (assuming that
there is a slight difference) imperfections that give a handmade
piece the look and feel of handmade. If I had the time I would look
up Leonid’s exact quote.

Bill Wismar


Hans, for me, your work is synonymous with the best of Orchid. You
post generously in celebration of well made, detailed pieces, which
make us drool, we then strive to do better in our own work. Please
keep sharing with 99% of us.

The bullies automatically earn, unread: delete & unsuscribe, because
they are irrelevant.

Michelle Bernard


Slight imperfections, and I do mean slight, so not bother me in the
least. It shows the hand of the maker. Alma



As always, we are all (well, almost all of us) awed by your work.
Love the machines that you so lovingly create. The aquamarine pendant
is beautiful.

I also am curious to know how you would have designed it if you had
free reign.

Noralie Katsu


Hello Hans,

I had posted immediately after I saw the negative comments on your
pendant. Even though I did not mention him by name, that posting was
probably considered flaming and was not shared.

Let me simply say, let those jealous comments roll away. The time
spent creating all the lines, angles, etc. by that person, could have
been spent so much more productively. Your pendant is quite lovely
and the stone is beautiful.

Judy in Kansas, where temps were below freezing, yet plants seem
undamaged. Amazing.


Hello Hans

I rarely post here but always enjoy reading all the discussions.

I am just an artisan jewelry maker with not one 10th of the
expertise and knowledge that some posters here have, but let me tell
you something, to me jewelry equals art, it has to tell me something
and provoke some feelings. Your aquamarine pendant certainly does
that for me, now I don’t know if it’s perfect or not as I am not
qualified to judge on its technical aspects, but know that I would be
proud to own and wear that pendant.

Forget about the nasty bullying remarks, the attitude shown by
certain individuals so lacks maturity and good manners that frankly
it does not deserve attention.