Approaching sample's ring sizes

Just wondered how folks manage making rings in regards to sizing ?
Do you do rings in various sizes? Or do you make a few for inspection
and then take orders ? I haven’t been able to come to a conclusion
about how I should approach this.

Can anyone offer some practical suggestions ?


Usually what us manufacturers do is stick with the standard sizes for
ladies, which is usually sz.7 and for Gents. sz.10. That way one
should have a decent starting point if a ring has to be sized after
the sale. If you are making a custom piece for someone, the first
thing to do is get their finger size, then make the piece. But for a
production line of rings, those are usually the stock sizes.

Steve Cowan
arista designs

Hi, I work in precious metal clay. Because it is an expensive medium,
I make most rings to fit me, which is about a six. Many women out
there where this size and I take orders for the ring sizes that are
larger. In some cases the ladies or gents will give me for your
protection should the ring not fit.


The goldsmith I trained under has a display of silver models of
various sizes that he uses as suggestions or to help explain his
ideas. He has collected these throughout the years (he always makes a
silver model first) so I’m not sure how economical it is for you to
do this. Although if you have the time and money I would strongly
suggest it. It is cheaper than making a whole stock in different

Good luck!

I think so much depends on your operation.

Low price points, significant quantities of any given style…Make
some in the popular size ranges, ready to go, pick one up and buy it
thank you. The impulse purchase. How many people are willing to wait
X time for you to make a $50 piece? By the same token do you want to
special handle a single sale of that amount?

High end, something special… stock a minimum quantity. No use
tying up money in excess inventory. You might not mind specialing
something for a few thousand.

That’s for retail. If you are wholesaling it still depends on the
above but differently. Retailers like delivery goods, especially if
they can get terms. The trade is predicting the demise of terms.
Bulloney I say. Any maker who can offer terms will have the edge over
competition that doesn’t. But I digress.

It also depends on the sizeability of the given styles. waxes can
sometimes be sized before investment, finished rings can be sized but
as a retailer I would prefer you don’t sell me something that has
been sized, I can’t be the only one. Some combinations are just tough
to produce no matter what so make those as you take orders for them.

Balance what’s good for you with what’s good for your client. Which
button makes the sale…press that one.