Anyone looking to market their Jewelry?

Hi All ,

I have created a online community and marketplace for the jewelry industry called CLOXEY.

Right Now its in BETA but I am looking for Jewelry manufactures and crafts people to list there jewelry on the site so that when its opening time it will be a vibrant site.

Its much like Etsy but targeted mainly to the jewelry industry where your works of art will be visible to wholesalers and retail jewelers.

Come join the fun , register for an account at CLOXEY

Hi Just sign up
I am interested in making jewelry for worldwide clients
I have been exporting from India for the last 10 Years .

Thank you kapil, please have a look around our site and start listing your jewelry.
Lets get the PARTY STARTED ! :boom: :balloon: :tada: :trophy: :balloon:


This is interesting. I was wondering if you are only interested in finished jewelry or if finished cabochons would be considered? I make sterling jewelry, but I also do lapidary and have a collection of finished cabs, primarily turquoise.


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Actually our marketplace is divided into 11 categories. namely

  • Diamonds
  • Fancy Diamonds
  • Colored Stones
  • Rough and crystals
  • Pearls
  • CAD designs
  • Jewelry
  • Jewelry Findings
  • Estate jewelry
  • watches
  • Other ( Books/ Tools/ Bullion /Education/anything else )

Each market has its own wanted section where members can list/submit there wanted items and will be automatically be emailed to suppliers ( you can subscribe to be a supplier as well )

Under jewelry you can list your silver jewelry and under stones you can list your turquoise cabs, if you have old tools or Gem books you want to get rid of , list them too, who knows someone might be looking for them.

Go on I have made this for the Jewelry trade to use. I want this site to evolve to what the trade needs , So I am open for comments and suggestions as well.
Message me here or Email to

A couple questions, from a jewelry artist selling finished jewelry at retail.

If I make a free account and list items, how is payment processed?

I see there are no listing fees or commissions- how do you make money from free accounts?

If all members are part of the jewelry industry, does that mean there’s no access for buyers of finished jewelry who are not in the industry? I know artists love to buy from other artists, I definitely do, but to succeed we need broader exposure. Or is this meant more for artists like me to enter into wholesaling arrangements with boutiques etc?

Hi Ifutzwithfire these are good questions , let me try to answer one by one.

This is a Market place , the site will show this supplier has these goods for sale , the site also has a communication platform called Internal Mail ( IM for short ) you can send an IM and talk about price and get all the info you Need , and for payment you can discuss between buyer and seller, it could be Pay pal , bank transfer , cash what ever the buyer and seller desires.

We are just a market place which gives unlimited listings to show case your products.

Well, I make money from the subscription Fee , I charge US $ 29.50 per month. Each new member joining in will receive up to 10 IMs FREE, This he could use in one month or One Year , My guess is by the time a user receives 10 IMs a few sales would have happened and would not resist the US $ 29.50

Well , All members are from the industry, this is strictly a B2B site. Prices are wholesale , So No access to buy a piece or two for people outside the industry. We do have plans to open a different retail site using these stock , But that`s far into the future.

Exactly , Its more for artist to showcase there work and get noticed by boutiques and build relationships.

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