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Antiquing Platinum?

I will be making a Gent’s wide Celtic pattern band in platinum with
18K weave. I need to darken the recesses. I’d rather avoid enamel
fill (I think?). I thought about copper plating the recesses and then
liver of sulphur the copper to blacken.

Does anyone know for certain if the copper will stick well to
platinum? Can I rely on a reasonable service life? The recesses are
not subject to abrasion.

Or any other durable suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks much.

I use flat black enamel paint. When it starts to dry, if you can
remember, wipe the surface. Polish as usual. If you forget about it,
and it dries all the way, tripoli will take it off. You just have to
be a little more careful to not remove to much when polishing. Hard
felt or an inside ring buff with tripoli work well

Richard’s jewelry class

Hello Neil,

I recently tried the same on a Celtic engraved platinum band. I
didn’t try copper plating. I am not sure plating copper onto is
desirable as it might contaminate the surface too much. If I had to
do it again, I might cast the band in cobalt alloy platinum and
oxidise it. I tried rhodium plating the ring. I heated it and used
liver of sulphur which didn’t work. That goes black on other metals
but on platinum it will only oxidise light grey, so…

Vitreous enamel will work. Actual enamel won’t adhere to platinum
especially with the amount of times you will have to fire it.

Best of luck,