Another low cost light box

Here is another low cost light box. This one is at your local
WalMart: In the camera section - Portable Lighting Studio $48.00. Two
side & top are white translucent heat resistant material with a dark
grey or blue back drop. Folds up flat like a brief case. There two
lights (20W Halogen) on little tripods. These are really weak, you
will want more light. There is a little camera tripod which may well
be useless. All and all it is a simple kit that will work and folds
away easily.


Bill Seeley

That sounds exactly like the kit I bought off ebay a few months back.
If it is, then you’re right, the lights are quite weak and I usually
use more light, the “box” folds away nicely and the “tripod” or
camera stand is actually quite sturdy - sturdy enough for hubby’s
chunky and heavy Nikon D200. It sounds like a good price too. I
spent about 34 UKP if I remember rightly. Even then it was a good
buy, when so many of the big name makes like the EZ cube were selling
for hundreds of dollars/pounds when I was looking, and essentially
it’s the same setup!


Thanks for the info. I usually avoid Wal-Mart like the plague, but
this sounds like a good deal for something to use in a smaller